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Founded in 2012, iSportsTimes is your one-stop-shop for daily breaking news in the world of Sports.

Our dynamic sports writers cover national and worldwide sports competition news, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, Fight Sports (boxing, MMA, martial arts), Fantasy Sports, etc. This also includes significant events like the playoffs, the Super Bowl, NBA Championships, the World Series, the March Madness, Wimbledon, the World Cup, Olympics and more.

Details include previews, predictions, play-by-play, summaries, review articles, favorite teams, players and up-to-date developments, as if you were in the front seat watching the games, live. We even do sports as it relates to Video Game, entertainment, health and fitness (news/tricks/tips/opinions/trends).

Our ultimate goal is to provide fresh, useful, and varied Sports news to our readers.

Editorial Director

Eric Antoine   (eric@isportstimes.com)
Eric is our Editorial Director, responsible for our topics and content. Graduated from University of Maryland, he has rich work experience in sports field. He was the owner and director of Washington International Sports Management between 2005/03 to 2009/04. He was also the general manager of Nomad Sports Club, responsible for daily operations and accounts. Given his high sensibility towards sports news, he can always bring fresh news to our readers.


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