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Don't Call It A Comeback: Dave Batista Will Return To The WWE Ring In 2014

By Rodrigo McCance, Posted: 12/23/13 12:56PM EST

Former six time World Champion Dave 'The Animal' Batista is scheduled to make a return to the WWE after a near three year absence. The former Evolution member has (according to PWInsider.com) been in talks with Triple H to make a return to the squared circle since Spring 2012 but has only recently decided to make the return official. His return was originally thought to be an error as the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas advertised him prematurely but sources within WWE confirmed to PWInsider.com that it wasn't an advertising error but was just a mistake in advertising him as WWE planned to keep his appearance a surprise. It is a real shame it leaked online as the surprise would have been brilliant at the Royal Rumble, however now the name is out there WWE should capitalize on it and just admit it and heavily hype his return.

So where do they go from here? His return was originally planned to be a surprise in the Royal Rumble, but now the world knows he is scheduled to come back does he still return at the Royal Rumble or do they save him for a Raw in the build up to Wrestlemania? I still think he should return at the Royal Rumble. Batista is now a special attraction to WWE fans and is certainly going to come back into a main event picture and be placed in a main event match at Wrestlemania XXX. WWE could make his return similar to how they handled Rob Van Dam's return at last years Money In The Bank pay per view by hyping it up with videos and having superstars acknowledge it. His presence in the Royal Rumble is already causing a buzz and intriguing fans so far and his return was only just spoiled last week. It would certainly hype the fans up even more and maybe increase the buyrate for the Royal Rumble opening up a few more surprises which they can hopefully keep a surprise for the event.

As for Batista at Wrestlemania he has a whole bevy of intriguing options on the grandest stage of them all. The 44 year old is speculated to be returning for almost 6 months until he is to be called for promotion on the Guardians Of The Galaxy film which is scheduled for release on August 1st. This opens a whole host of scenarios for the Riddick and The Man With The Iron Fists star Batista; could he be involved in a dream match with Brock Lesnar or be involved in a potential championship match against former Evolution stable mate Randy Orton? What about if he returns then quickly turns heel and works with a young up and coming babyface such as Big E Langston or he could wrestle the man who he wrestled in his last match before he retired, John Cena. There are so many incredible things that Batista can do and his presence at Wrestlemania will really add to the aura of the event. 

However, now that the surprise has been spoiled that often means WWE will change plans as they dislike having people know things they had planned out so they could potentially change plans just because his return was ruined. It would be a great shame as there is so much potential and money to be made from his return that I hope they dont ruin it by trying to be different 

Certainly a match between Batista and Brock Lesnar on the marquee at Wrestlemania could be incredible. It would be hard hitting brawl between two monsters and certainly many fans would consider it a dream match between 'The Animal' and 'The Beast Incarnate'. If he was scheduled to face the Unified Champion Randy Orton it would mean he would have to win the Royal Rumble, and certainly that does take away from other potential winners of the match. However, the title picture has become a disaster with the burials of Daniel Bryan and Orton's failing buyrates Batista is certainly someone who could freshen up the title scene. A match between former Evolution stablemates Batista vs Randy Orton (with Ric Flair and Triple H in their respective corners) might intrigue fans but ultimately there are many that think Orton may not make it to Wrestlemania as champion. 

There are so many chess pieces for WWE to move around in regards to Wrestlemania plans and Batista's Wrestlemania opponent will rely on if he takes part in the Royal Rumble and who the Undertaker is scheduled to be wrestling. Regardless of who he wrestles at the Superbowl in New Orleans, Wrestlemania XXX is certainly shaping up to be an incredible event and it is great to have the star power of the 'The Animal' back in WWE.

Well, turns out that on Raw last night (12/23/13) that WWE aired this video below which announced that yes indeed 'The Animal' will return on the 20th January edition of Monday Night Raw (six days before the Royal Rumble). Check out the return video here;

Let me know what you would like Batista to be involved with at Wrestlemania in the comments below and as always follow me on Twitter @kideternity2013 and check out my blog for more info http://thesunsetflip.tumblr.com/ 


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