10 Surprise Entrants For The WWE Royal Rumble 2014

By Rodrigo McCance, Posted: 01/01/14 07:16AM EST

The Royal Rumble has a long heritage of surprise entrants ranging from the serious comeback (John Cena in 2008) to the old school nostalgia appearance (Diesel in 2011) to the downright comedy appearances (Drew Carey in 2001). The Rumble has a long and storied tradition and it is the starting point for the road to Wrestlemania. This year's edition rolls into Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which has a rich history of pro wrestling and with Philly 4 hours away could there be an ECW theme to the surprise participants? Time will tell. We do however, now know Batista is showing up on the Raw before the Rumble and he was supposed to be a surprise entrant until it got spoiled. If Batista is the caliber of surprise they had planned, imagine the other surprise entrants we could get this year.

This year especially there may not be a lot of room for surprises with The Shield, The Wyatt Family and plenty of tag teams such as The Real Americans, The Usos and The Prime Time Players. They all may be potentially taking up numbers but we just hope we get to see a few surprises, as its part of the Royal Rumble's unique charm. Could WWE extend the numbers to 40 like they did in 2011 when Alberto Del Rio won the match and gained a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship? Who will turn up and what will their story be? Will we see a dramatic comeback? Will we see superstars we haven't seen in years or might we see TNA superstars who have been released in the past year? Certainly the Royal Rumble is a time where fans love to dream and this year especially there is so much potential for surprises.

Getting genuinely surprised in wrestling is sometimes the best part of being a fan, when WWE can completely shock you and leave your jaw open in awe like with John Cena's surprise return in 2008 they are moments you don't forget easily. Will we see the likes of Rob Van Dam, Brock Lesnar or Jake The Snake Roberts? If you agree, disagree or just want to rant leave a comment in the box below so here are 10 superstars we'd love to see as surprise entrants in the 2014 Royal Rumble.

10. Chris Jericho

Semi Retired 'Ayatollah of Rock n' Rolla' Chris Jericho could make yet another surprise return, though the term surprise could be used loosely. Nonetheless his return at last years Royal Rumble event was certainly a surprise and the now infamous story of how he participated ridiculously hungover is legendary. Entering at number 2 Jericho spent over 45 minutes in the Rumble match eliminating Drew McIntyre and assisting in eliminating Brodus Clay before he was eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. He may not be a surprise but he is a guy the Royal Rumble certainly needs.

The first ever Undisputed Champion is a workhorse and breaths life into a match when it could become boring and of course the fans love Jericho and always welcome him back with open arms. Y2J may have more interests than ever with Fozzy and his new podcast but the call of the Royal Rumble (and Wrestlemania season) should hopefully bring him back. Let's hope the lights go out in Pittsburgh and we get to see that beautiful sparkly jacket while 'Break The Walls Down' reverberates around the arena.

9. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts


Over the past year Jake Roberts has been training with Diamond Dallas Page and has announced at various points that he would like to make a comeback. The biggest of these proclamations was at Wrestlecon 2013 where he announced he wanted to participate in the 2014 Royal Rumble match. The tragedy of Roberts life, demons and addictions are well documented but with the help of Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga 'The Snake' seems to have turned his life around and there is major positivity surrounding the master of the DDT.

Is the 2014 Rumble match a dream or a reality? It would be an amazing comeback story if Roberts could make an appearance in the Rumble match, seeing Roberts walk down the aisle with that bag over his shoulder would certainly send chills down many old school fans' spine but whether or not WWE are interested remains to be seen. Let's not forget that Jake Roberts has already made a surprise Rumble appearance in 1996 after spending 4 years in WCW so never say never.

8. AJ Styles


We might view the 'Attitude Era' with those fabled rose tinted spectacles, but tell me you didn't love the spontaneity. That feeling that anything will happen and anyone will show up on Raw or Nitro. Back in the day wrestlers jumped ship (some jumped back and forth, ahem Jeff Jarrett and Sean Waltman) and joined the other side. In the wrestling landscape today there isn't that feeling. Every employee seems to be locked into tight contracts and have 90 day no compete clauses. Its all very boring and dull. The fun and spontaneity within wrestling has withered away. That is where the Royal Rumble comes in. It still has the capacity to shock and surprise and wouldnt AJ do both if he showed up in Pittsburgh?

So, wouldn't it be great if AJ Styles, whose contract with his employer of 11 years is up on December 17th turned up at the Royal Rumble? Yes, he's probably bluffing and he's probably just going to go back to TNA but let us dream. Pay per view events are usually attended by so called 'smarter' fans so you know he'd get a great reaction and if WWE brought him in and treated him like a star and not just like another mid card scrub they would have someone special on their hands.

7. Ultimate Warrior

If that music hit and he came charging down the aisle in neon green paint while 'Unstable' rang out you'd jump out of your seat, wouldn't you? Stranger things have happened and with the relationship between WWE and Warrior thawing out it is rumored that he wants to make a comeback. Judging by the WWE2k14 advert he's certainly still in shape and he wouldn't really have to do much other than charge to the ring, shake the ropes, throw Curtis Axel out of the ring and we'd all love it and go 'bananas' as Gorilla Monsoon used to say.

The only sticking point is who eliminates him? Does he still have an ego? It's hard to tell, but with a new Ultimate Warrior DVD coming out it would be a shame if he never made an appearance on WWE TV again. Probably one of the most unlikely picks for a Royal Rumble appearance, he's more likely to be inducted into the Hall of Fame but my 6 year old self just wants to see the Warrior shake the ropes and go nuts one more time.

6. Brock Lesnar

The winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble Brock Lesnar hasn't been seen on WWE television since defeating CM Punk at Summerslam in a brutal No Disqualification match. Lesnar is heavily rumored to be a part of Wrestlemania and Lesnar showing up at the Royal Rumble would certainly make for an awesome moment. Lesnar won the 2003 Rumble by last eliminating his rumored opponent at Wrestlemania 30, the Undertaker. With plenty of history between the two it certainly would make for a great match up, but whether WWE would set it up in the Royal Rumble match is another story.

Still, I would really enjoy watching Brock Lesnar throwing around the likes of Kofi Kingston and The Miz in the match itself. It is more likely that we will see Lesnar re-debut on the Raw shows after the Royal Rumble but don't rule out a potential Rumble appearance from the 'Beast Incarnate' as it would be an amazing way to re-establish Lesnar as a monster as he tears through opponents in the Rumble.

5. Sheamus

The winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble 'The Celtic Warrior' certainly could make a huge impact if he were to make a surprise return. Currently out injured Sheamus has had a tough year. Before the injury he was stuck in smiley babyface mode which was universally detested. There is no doubt he is so talented and I don't think there is a better rough brawler in WWE right now, but he just needs something new. He needs an aura of a tough guy that hurts people, not a smug grinned, stereotyped wise ass.

There is so much potential for Sheamus and a number of people are tipping him to make a surprise comeback and win the Royal Rumble which I think is a long shot. Regardless of that, I think the Rumble is always a great way to bring someone back and he's the biggest name they have to bring back at the moment. Whether Sheamus is ready to come back is a different story but seeing his own brand of take no names brutality in the Royal Rumble would make for a better match, plus there are always potential stare downs with John Cena, Daniel Bryan or other big babyfaces to be had.

4. Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has already made a surprise entrance in the 2009 Royal Rumble match, much to the delight of fans however he didn't stick around, instead opting to go to TNA. At Money In The Bank last year he made his return to WWE, but failed to capture the briefcase. After that he entered into a feud with then World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and hasn't been seen since. Whether he is gone for good or instead going for a Jericho style "I'll comeback when I want to" kind of thing he is still loved by fans and hearing 'One of A Kind' blast through the speakers would be a great moment.

Whether he would have much impact on the match itself or have a chance of winning is pretty slim but there is a whole lot of cool spots he could do and getting to see him mix it up with Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara or even Chris Jericho and a few others would be great viewing. RVD needs a small bit of redemption in WWE after the awful pairing with Ricardo Rodríguez. His comeback was handled so well initially only for him to end up in one of the strangest pairings in history so letting him come down and do his own thing is something that really needs to happen, hell he could even dump Alberto Del Rio out and get revenge on him.

3. John Morrison

It is time to come home John. John Morrison was last seen getting his head driven into the steel ramp by The Miz and what better way to bring 'The Shaman of Sexy' back by having The Miz alone in the ring as the clock counts down and Morrison appears for revenge. Another option, considering The Miz is now a face again is Morrison could come down to even the odds when Miz is in a 2 on 1 situation. He has spent two years away from the WWE and it might be a long shot but he's someone that could make a spectacular return. He still has so much to offer at the age of 34 and let's not forget the 'cat leap' which has to go down as one of the greatest moments in Royal Rumble history.

Morrison still wrestles on the independent circuit occasionally so it isn't like he has packed in wrestling for good so its time to come back to the WWE and bring that cool parkour style with you. It is a shame we haven't seen Morrison in so long as he is one of those guys that could have easily been the World Heavyweight Champion and had great matches and feuds so why not bring him back now and freshen up the upper midcard with him in there.

2. X-Pac

Sean Waltman has had many monikers in his career, Syxx, The Lightning Kid, The 1 2 3 Kid; but we all remember X-Pac. The loud mouthed, crotch chopping, high flying member of Degeneration X. The New Age Outlaws have had time to shine on TV ever since starting to work in the developmental territory so why not give Waltman one last chance to shine and mix it up with the younger guys or buddies like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho.

He is on a Legends Contract so you'd think it would be fairly simple to get him in as a surprise entrant. Goldust proved that guys from that era are still highly regarded and when given a chance they can blow away the younger guys so why not give another guy a shot? Seeing X-Pac hit the bronco buster and x-factor on anyone would be a great nostalgic Royal Rumble moment and watching him mix it up with the younger high flyers would be incredible.

1. The Undertaker

We all know he comes out of a year long retirement for Wrestlemania and most likely he will do the same this year; but what if he made one last appearance at the Royal Rumble entering because he wants one last chance to win the Championship. He won the 2007 Royal Rumble last eliminating Shawn Michaels and in 2014 could he do it again? He is rumored to be wrestling Brock Lesnar but there were rumors of a potential battle with John Cena as well, though that looks bleak after Randy Orton won the Unified Championship at TLC; but there are still ways to get there.

It would certainly make for an interesting dynamic if the 'Deadman' were to show up in the 30 man over the top rope spectacular. He instills fear in the hearts of superstars and the arena going dark followed by the gong would give us all goosebumps. Also let's not forget he still has unfinished business with the Shield and what better way to settle it than making the trio implode for good by destroying them in the Rumble.

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