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WWE: Daniel Bryan Debuts A New Look As Member Of The Wyatt Family

By Rodrigo McCance - Posted: 01/05/14 07:53PM UTC

Last night at a WWE live event in Hampton, Virginia the WWE Universe got their first look at the newly christened Daniel Wyatt. He competed in a Steel Cage Match against The Wyatt Family leader, Bray Wyatt. Before the match Bray announced Daniel Bryan as the newest member of the Wyatt Family before the two had their match. Fans expecting a fast paced, gritty and brutal Cage Match were left disappointed as Bryan would quickly fall under the spell of Bray and Bryan would let Bray demolish him and then finish the match by hitting the Sister Abigail.

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Instead of his usual old school trunks and kickpads Daniel Bryan came out in blue overalls, pretty similar to fellow member, Erick Rowan's threads. After the match fans in attendance noted that Bryan was carried away after his beating by Luke Harper. What does the new look and new name mean for the former WWE Champion though? Many people thought that his storyline with The Wyatt Family would culminate at TLC and Bryan would move on but it seems like this isn't the case and that his storyline with the backwoods family may last until Wrestlemania.

So what does WWE do with Daniel Bryan, the Slammy Award Winning 2013 Superstar of the Year now that he is a fully fledged member of the deranged Wyatt Family? Will he continue to be the most popular wrestler on the roster even within the Wyatt Family or will he turn into a heel now that he has joined the group? As good as Bryan can be as a heel I do think it would be foolish to turn him now especially with the amazing reactions he still continues to get. Brayn needs to gain something from the Wyatt's and then move on and get involved with something meaningful at Wrestlemania. The Wyatt Family don't really need Bryan, they are fine on their own and Bryan should be on his own too as he is a great underdog character and I feel him joining the Wyatt Family isn't going to do anything for him.

Is there a possibility that Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble? Perhaps even with the help of the Wyatt Family? Bryan begged to join the group so there could potentially be something grander happening with the storyline. Will Bryan follow the buzzards and just be another of Bray's followers or does he have a masterplan by joing up with the maniacal cult? Wherever the story goes we just want Bryan to succeed. Hopefully the former American Dragon gets a good place on the Wrestlemania card and eventually hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship again.

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