WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Preview And Predictions

By Matty Adams, Posted: 02/19/14 07:25PM EST

It has now been almost a month since Batista returned to the squared circle to win the Royal Rumble and a lot has happened in that month. The "Yes" Movement have become even more vocal, The Shield and the Wyatt Family are finally going to lock horns, Cesaro and Big E. underwent name changes and most notably, CM Punk walked out on the WWE.

With the road to Wrestlemania now in full swing, Punk's exit from the company has came at a really inappropriate time for the WWE. The creative team had specific plans for him at the big event with a match against Triple H etched in stone. However, Punk decided to leave for a number of reasons including his displeasure with the creative direction of the company and therefore WWE have had to rewrite a lot of original plans for Wrestlemania.

With Elmination Chamber taking place this weekend, it is now the final chance superstars will receive to showcase their talents before their Wrestlemania programs commence. Here are my predictions for this weekend's pay per view event.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions

Kick-Off Show: The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes & Goldust) vs. Rybaxel (Ryback & Curtis Axel)

Pretty much like most recent kick-off show matches, this one has very little build to it. It is simply seen as a match to get the crowd on their feet ready for the actual pay per view. This tag match won't carry the same value and hype as the Royal Rumble one because a) the tag titles aren't involved and b) there is little to no narrative to it. The Brotherhood teamed with the Uso's recently to defeat Rybaxel and the NAO in an 8 man tag match and that is pretty much it to this feud. Technically speaking, if WWE were still planning on going down the Cody vs. Goldust route for Mania, then Ryback and Axel would win here but knowing WWE's predictable booking methods, the Brotherhood will win cleanly here and nothing will come of this match. 

Winners: The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes & Goldust)

WWE Intercontinental Championship: WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E. vs. Jack Swagger

IMO, I believe the name change was smart for Cesaro shortening his name, however the same cannot be said for Big E. It sounded peculiar enough as Big E. Langston. The surname gave him some sense of realism, it was creative and had potential but now he is just called Big E., at best he sounds like someone's bodyguard, a role he debuted in which he has progressed far since departing ways with DZ. Now he is just called Big E., it sounds slightly ridiculous. Anyway, that's besides the point, the Intercontinental title will be defended. Swagger defeated Henry, Mysterio and Kingston to earn this opportunity and I'm glad he's receiving a push. This could be the last throw of the dice for the Real American however and if he fails to succeed here, expect the Real Americans to part ways. He could either turn on Cesaro by disagreeing on how to win a match, with Cesaro becoming ever increasingly popular with fans for his in-ring ability or Swagger could turn face by losing thus receiving another slap from Zeb and a giant swing from Cesaro just for good measure. A match between Swagger and Cesaro for Mania could have some serious potential.

Winner: WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E.

Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

A couple of weeks ago, the stale team of The Prime Time Players came to an abrupt end when Titus attacked DY at the end of another defeat. Titus claims Young has been getting carried for the previous 731 days and now it's O'Neil's time to win some gold. His promos have been executed to perfection in recent weeks and I have been particularly impressed with his backstage segments with Rene Young. O'Neil displays a natural charisma that can keeps fans entertained whilst keeping their full attention at the same time. The spelling of the word champion idea was genius. Young will also benefit from this rivalry, hopefully not getting lost in the mid-card along the way. He has charisma and the ability to go places but Titus has that extra flare about him as a heel. I just hope they don't do a repeat of when Cryme Tyme split up and build Shad as this big monsterous wrestler only to have him lose to JTG. O'Neil needs to win here.

Winner: Titus O'Neil

WWE Tag Team Championship: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) vs. The Uso's (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)

FINALLY, no not The Rock has come back but finally, we have had back to back interesting tag team title feuds. Surely a first in the PG era, an era that has deprived fans of an exciting tag team division for that past couple of years now. But since the NAO have returned, as expected, tag team wrestling has progressed. Firstly, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn defeated Goldust and Rhodes for the gold back at the Rumble and now they are embroiled in a feud with one of the most promising teams in recent years, the Uso's. Each team has tried gaining momentum each week in the build to this event with the Uso's gaining the upperhand after Jey Uso defeated Billy Gunn on Raw this past week. However, I still believe it is too early for the Uso's to win the titles yet and they need to have their Wrestlemania moment. The NAO's have returned and deserve a title reign of at least a couple of months at the very minmum and dropping the straps to the Uso's at Mania would be a smart move. However, I can see further teams involved to get more names on the card at the company's biggest show of the year, but The Uso's victory will only be even sweeter then. The NAO's to retain here though.

Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)

The Shield (WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)

Yes, the match every teenage wrestling fan has been waiting to see for months on end. With both heel stables looking to eliminate one another and establish themselves as the most powerful force in the entire WWE today, there is only room for one of those teams. Yes, it is the Shield vs. the Wyatt's and there will be carnage. This started when the Wyatt's followed up the Rumble attack on Cena with another attack thus costing the Shield the win losing by DQ and costing them their shot at the WWE title. Now, the Shield blame the Wyatt's for not receiving their shot and now an all out war appears to be breaking out. For months, the Shield run the WWE like it was their yard. They took out the likes of John Cena, The Rock and The Undertaker as well as winning US and Tag Team gold in the same night. Then the Wyatt's came onto the scene in mid-summer With their strange words and riddles as well as their unique look, this stable looks full of potential and has something fresh to it each and every week. The big question heading into this event though is are all 3 members of The Shield on the same page? Reigns has been setting records left, right and centre and Ambrose, current US champion, has been getting a little jealous, so games of oneupmanship have been introduced. Therefore, with their attention on each other instead of their opponents, such mis-communcation or arguments could let them down on Sunday. Alternatively, Reigns could get the pinfall and Ambrose could attack him after the bout.

Winners: The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Despite the big names involved, the hype surrounding this match isn't all that big. I do not envy Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler or JBL for calling this match tonight. Batista has not long returned to action and got booed out the arena when he won his 2nd ever Rumble and his opponent Del Rio is partly the reason there is a Unified title now, because he dragged the World title through several bushes and it';s image and prestige was tarnished. His lack of charisma soon produced "boring" chants  and Del Rio will now have to rely on his physicality to impress WWE management this year. Yes, these men are both former World Champions, but with Batista needing all the momentum he can get heading into Wrestlemania 30, there is only one obvious answer to the outcome of the match, a Batista victory.

Winner: Batista

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Elimination Chamber Match: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Christian vs. Sheamus vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena

It wouldn't be called Elimination Chamber without having a good old Elimination Chamber match. So far, there have been 16 Elimination Chamber matches over the course of time. Triple H has succeeded the most in this structure on a record 4 successes. Chris Jericho has made the most appearances in that same structure, with 8 outings in the Chamber. However, neither of these men are in this formidable structure, Christian and Cesaro, depsite recent heel turns and big face pops, are entering their first Elimination Chamber match. Sheamus will be appearing in his 3rd, Orton has never won the title here. Also, Bryan and Cena have been building endless amounts of momentum heading into the biggest event of their lives. The champion has undergone a gauntlet in recent weeks taking on each of his five opponents however, he only managed to succeed once, defeating Christian on SmackDown, all of the other Chamber participants won. 

This brings me to the Chamber Sunday. Many people believe some Wrestlemania matches are set in stone with one of those being Orton vs. Batista. Therefore, you can expect Randy Orton to play it smart and sneakily and take full advantage of any opportunity presented to him in order to retain the gold. I believe Bryan should be involved with the Mania main event, The guy never stops performing for his beloved fans and always gives it everything he has got despite collecting any injuries along the way. However, such plans to include Bryan in the main event could be put on halt as I sense Sheamus may align himself with the authority, costing Bryan the win thus setting up a third Wrestlemania singles match. It is too early to put the belt on Cesaro as he isn't over enough currently and giving the title to Christian would spell to many that WWE are heading backwards in terms of talent and that a younger superstar should be called champion. John Cena is also another name in the hat for the WWE World Heavyweight title but after several defeats to Orton for the title, this may well be Cena's last chance. However "The Champ is still here."  But with a Wrestlemania match with Bray Wyatt waiting in the wings, you can pretty much rule out the 14 time World Champion.

Winner: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

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