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Jeremy Lin Takes Notice of Jason Collins

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 03/01/14 03:40PM UTC
Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is an icon. (Photo: Reuters)

A couple NBA seasons ago, there was not a more popular athlete in the world than Jeremy Lin. Linsanity was in full force and you could never turn on the television without seeing Jeremy Lin all over your television set.

Fast forward a couple years and he may no longer be on ESPN's Sportscenter every single day, but he is still a very popular athlete and his voice is always heard, especially to the Asian American community. When the Brooklyn Nets signed openly gay player Jason Collins, Lin felt the need to speak out about the situation for the NBA.

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"I think it's definitely a big step," Lin said after the Houston Rockets' morning shootaround before their game at the Phoenix Suns. "The game is evolving. You see a lot of different people breaking barriers in a lot of different ways. This is just another one of those."

Jeremy Lin feels like he can relate a lot with Jason Collins. Lin feels like a representative for Asian Americans while Jason Collins has become the face for homosexual athletes. Lin understands the pressure that Collins is under.

"It was definitely not easy," Lin said. "For me, if I didn't have faith, in terms of my Christianity, I'm not sure how I would have been able to handle it or understand it or process it. For me, I try to think of it as living or stewarding God's platform. That's kind of how I approached it."

It did take Lin awhile to get used to his popularity, but now things have died down for him a little bit and he has learned how to adjust to having fans everywhere he goes. And it helps that his family and friends still treat him like he is just another person.

"When I'm with my friends and family back home, it's as normal as it will ever be," Lin said. "But I think I'm getting used to a lot of the changes."

It is great to see somebody like Jeremy Lin coming out to support Jason Collins. Although he isn't the best athlete in the world, Lin's opinions mean just as much as LeBron James' and Kevin Durant's when it comes to fans - especially in the Asian American community.

Jason Collins has become a household name ever since he announced to the public that he was gay. There are not many people who can relate to that type of pressure, but Jeremy Lin is one of them. It is great if the two can talk and help each other out with their newfound fandom and pressure.

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