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San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Cowboys, Jets and More Teams That Would Trade For Jim Harbaugh

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 03/02/14 10:28AM EST
Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh may be working somewhere else soon. (Photo: Reuters)

When news broke that the San Francisco 49ers had conversations with the Cleveland Browns about trading their head coach Jim Harbaugh to Cleveland for multiple picks, the NFL world was shocked. As reporters dug deeper, they learned that Harbaugh does not have the best relationship with the 49ers General Manager and we learned that Harbaugh wants to be paid as the best coach in the entire league.

If that is all true, there is certainly reason to believe why San Francisco may try to deal Harbaugh away for a ton of picks or great player/s. with that said, here are five teams, excluding the Cleveland Browns, that could legitimately make a move for Harbaugh.

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Detroit Lions

If you're talking about a team with a ton of talent that just needs a great, disciplinarian coach, to reach the next level, it is the Detroit Lions. The Lions have all the talent in the world and they know it. If they had a great coach like Jim Harbaugh in place, they could instantly become the best team in the entire NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are in a situation similar to the Detroit Lions. Come to think of it, they actually look a lot like the 49ers did before they first hired Harbaugh. They have a roster full of talent on offense and defense, but they lack a quarterback. Harbaugh could potentially turn Andy Dalton into his new Alex Smith while grooming a young Colin Kaepernick.

Jacksonville Jaguars

If you forgot that the Jacksonville Jaguars even play in the NFL, we wouldn't blame you. They haven't been competitive in years. They actually do have some talent, but not enough to compete against a high level of competition. If they trade for Jim Harbaugh they could make him their head coach and their GM. Maybe he could turn things around.

New York Jets

If Rex Ryan has another horrible season with the Jets, they will certainly try to replace him following the 2014 season. The Jets love being in the limelight and they would certainly benefit from a hardnosed coach like Jim Harbaugh. It would also be a lot of fun to see how Harbaugh, who is easily angered, would deal with the New York media.

Dallas Cowboys

In order for the Dallas Cowboys to trade for Jim Harbaugh, Jerry Jones would have to swallow his pride and admit that he needs a good coach to win games. That seems unlikely to happen right now, but maybe another mediocre season under Jason Garrett would force Jones to think differently.

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