Top 10 Tips for Fantasy Football Playoffs.

By Eric Antoine, Posted: 12/02/16 01:33AM EST

For those of you who are still alive in your fantasy football league, we congratulate you.

Now it's time to make the big decisions to help you reach your fantasy championship goals and have bragging rights for the next 8 months over your friends, peers and colleagues.

Although we don't know who is currently on your roster, there are some factors to help you increase your odds, so let's have a look at some issues that could make or break your season, and affect the outcomes of your matchups.

1. Match-ups.
If you have players going against San Francisco or Cleveland, start them. The Niners have the worst defense in the league, especially against the run. As for Cleveland, well, it's Cleveland. No need to elaborate. Indianapolis, Jacksonville and New Orleans are also quite porous. Start players against these teams with confidence.

2. Core players.
If you made it to the playoffs, that means that you have a pretty solid team. Whether you drafted well, or added players from the waiver wire, or both, you've made it this far. Stick mostly with the core players that got you to where you are now.

3. Study your Opponent
It's important to know who you are playing against, especially if they have a player that is questionable to play. You might want to nab his backup on waivers to ensure you handicap your opponent as much as possible. It's dirty, but that's the nature of the game.

4. Head to head.
It's always important to check, and know the history of a certain player versus another player, or team. Always check past match ups with opponents on an individual and team basis. How did your receiver do against a certain defensive back in a previous match-up? How did your running back do the last time he played against the same defense?

5. Research is key.

Check the game logs for each player. All sites that offer fantasy sports, provide all the stats from previous performances and match-ups. Know them. Know all of them.

6. Hot or Not.
It's always good to go in to these playoff elimination games knowing how your players have been performing over the last 2-3 weeks. Have their targets been increasing or decreasing? Have they been getting more, or less carries? How has your quarterback been performing lately? You've been waiting all season for this moment., you want to go in hot with momentum on your side.

7. Injuries

Is it a minor injury, or a nagging injury? Or, have they just come back from injury? If it's the former, you must know all the details of the injury, or as much as the team is willing to disclose. (If it's a new England player, you might as well forget about it because they rarely give details). If it's the latter, then you have a dilemma because it's always difficult to know how they will perform upon their return, or how many reps they will be getting once they're activated. Many coaches like to ease players back in after being out for an extended period of time.
Also, beware of the teams that are starting to lessen the load on key players as their playoff seasons approach. Some teams will give less carries and reps to star players to keep them fresh and avoid injuries after they have already clinched a division title in real life. Most leagues have avoided this situation by shortening the fantasy season by a week, but the situation can still occur, especially for those who play until week 17.

8. Thursday Night Football.

Be sure to check the status of your players if they are playing on Thursday night. With a shorter work week and less preparation and recovery time from the previous week, it's crucial to monitor the status of players, especially those with injuries. Make sure they are healthy and starting.

9. Weather.

It's that time of year again. It's getting cold, windy, and the chance of snow can have a huge impact on the performance of your players, who usually tend to have a tougher time producing in the frigid weather conditions. Have a look at the weather reports and be mindful of the teams who play in outdoor stadiums during the winter, as there are many. Hint- Lambeau Field.

10. Karma.

Be nice to everyone. Go to church, even if you're not religious. Do as many good deeds as possible. You do not want to enter the playoffs with bad karma, as you need the fantasy Gods on your side.

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