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Brooklyn Nets Rumors: Is This Deron Williams Figurine Sporting The New Uniform?

By Jason Van Hoven - Posted: 08/30/12 06:58PM EDT
Brooklyn Nets New Uniform

One can only see part of the whole uniform on the figurine, but the evidence may be enough to prove that the Nets will be sporting it this season (Photo:

The Brooklyn Nets might hold the title of most anticipated team this era by virtue of leaking.

Their logo was leaked. Then fan apparel. Now, the most important symbol -- the uniform -- has been revealed. Or at least it looks that way.

McFarlane Toys, a subsidiary of Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc., which makes detailed models of characters from movies, comics, and sports, seems to have made a model of Nets point guard Deron Williams that some toy retailers are already putting up for sale. McFarlane Toys NBA figurines have been around since the start of the 2000s so it wouldn't be farfetched that their model of Williams is legitimate given all the hype surrounding the Nets and their move to Brooklyn.

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By extension, the jersey the model of Williams is wearing can be thought of legitimate as well. The Nets promised that the uniform would have a black-and-white color scheme and logo while being emblazoned with the word "Brooklyn" spelled in capital letters across the chest. There would also be a shield-shaped logo featuring the team name above a basketball with a large "B" in its center draped across the left side of the shorts.The road jersey would be black with white lettering while the home jerseys would be white with black lettering.

A close look at an otherwise blurry picture of the figurine seems to hold up to the promises above. Wiliiams looks to be wearing a simple white-and-black home jersey with the shield logo on the left side of the shorts. Yet, while only the last couple of letters of what looks to be the word "Brooklyn" can be made out, it looks to be the word "Brooklyn" nonetheless.

For a figurine uniform, it looks good. Let's see if actual people can make it look better.

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