PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One X Update: New Details Define Promise and Limits of Xbox One X 4 K Performances

By LJ Joseph, Posted: 07/10/17 04:45AM EDT

Since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X or formerly known as Project Scorpio, there've been questions about how the platform would handle backward compatibility with Xbox One titles. Furthermore, they were asked about what kind of benefits those games could expect.

New Details Define Promise and Limits of Xbox One X

SogoTech reported that Microsoft has made a lot of promises about 4K, and while the company's E3 demos showed games like "Forza" hitting those targets, the company didn't reveal a great deal of additional information. From talking to game developers, Eurogamer has found out more about how the Xbox One X will handle existing Xbox One games, what those players can expect, and whether games can hit 4K on the new platform.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the data being presented is synthetic as that was based on GPU-specific testing rather than a suite of benchmarks that would also test CPU and memory accesses.

An image showed in ExtremeTech, said that the relative frame rates between straight ports of existing Xbox One titles moved over to the Xbox One X and run at much higher resolutions. Some of the 900p games are still a bit slower, and the 720p title like "Star Wars Battlefront" takes a hell of a hit, in particular, seeing as it's pushing 9x more pixels in 4K mode compared with 720p.

That's one thing to remember when players check these results. If a game is rendering at a lower resolution on the Xbox One by stepping up to 4K it means that the difficulty of doing so is higher than if tested with a standard 1080p resolution.

What Microsoft is calling backward compatibility appears equivalent to Sony's Boost Mode for the PS4. It is a straightforward improvement in game performance and options that will happen whether you buy a 4K TV or the developer revisits the title.

Obviously, there's increased opportunity for improvements if developers are willing to recompile games. However, the benefits should be there for everyone, in one form or another.

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