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NBA 2K13 Features: Create Your Own Shoes; Jay-Z and Kanye West Soundtrack

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 09/08/12 10:37PM EDT

2K (Photo: 2K)

Another batch of news about NBA 2K13, and the list of features are starting to stack so high it's hard to keep track of. So, in addition to all the stuff we've reported on before, such as the NBA 2K everywhere mobile app and game, the 4,000 new animations, the new dribbling stick, and the new players, NBA 2K13 will also feature a brand new, highly detailed, shoe-maker.

Yes, you can create your own kicks, using over 45 layers and countless colors to create a shoe exactly to your liking. And get this, it won't be just for the digital players to wear too. If you want, you could sinc it up to NikeiD and have the shoes made in real life. Yes, you can literally create your own pair of Nike Dunks or Air Jordans to play real-life basketball. 

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With 2K's aim to connect the game to the web and up the social media aspect, the shoes you create could be uploaded to the net for fans to rank and even download. 

Then there's the Jay-Z aspect. In movies, the executive producer doesn't usually do much -- that is a title given to the financial backers of the project, someone with little to no involvement creatively. So Jay-Z's billing as "executive producer" is odd, seeing as how he is completely involved with the creative aspects of the game. Not only has he handpicked the soundtrack, featuring himself, Jay-Z, U2, and other big names, but the way the menu moves and looks are all influenced by Hova. The menu even pulsates to the beat of the track. 

Executive producer? "Director" is more like it. 

And then there's the new virtual currency system, which allows you to rack up "digital cash" to buy items in game, such as a new suit for your player. So for the first time ever, you get full control of your player in season mode, you decide what he'll wear during post-game press conferences. Here's hoping you'll have better fashion sense than Russell Westbrook. 

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