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Jordan vs Kobe: NBA 2K13 Trailer Shows Dream Team/2012 Team Clash, with Jay-Z in Background

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 09/14/12 02:56PM EDT
Jordan vs Kobe

Jordan vs Kobe (Photo: 2K)

Just how important is packaging? Any marketing student will tell you: Very, very important.

And it's true. Take NBA 2K13 for example. One of the most hyped feature has been the inclusion of the 1992 "Dream Team" and the 2012 Team USA that just won gold in London last month. But get this -- save for maybe two guys, just about everyone else on these two teams have been fully playable in the past few 2Ks. So really, this major new addition is really just the addition of a couple of new players (most notably, Charles Barkley), and the official jerseys.

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But still, you put Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Chuck on one side in the 92 USA jersey and Kobe, LeBron, Durant, and CP on the other in the 2012 uniforms, and then you play Jay-Z's hit single "Run This Town" over the ensuing footage...and the result is something that makes hoopheads say whoa.

The new trailer shows exactly that, giving us a good look at all the players involved and also some of the new moves and animations, such as fake passes and inside out crossovers.

With Jay-Z behind the helm, there's an added sense of flair for the dramatics, with the trailer ending Jordan bringing the ball up court, guarded by Kobe, the Dream Team with the ball down one, clock ticking down to zero, and then -- fade to black.

Whether or not the 2012 squad could beat the 92 team was the subject of much discussion during the London Olympics, with players from both sides, as well as talking heads and sports writers, chiming in. While most casual fans thought 92 team would win in a landslide, serious analylitcal minds is probaly aware of the fact that 2012 team's athletic guards (Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul) could blow by a 1992 version of Magic Johnson at anytime. And although Jordan is indeed the best player of the bunch, the 2012 squad has three alpha type players in LeBron, Durant, and Kobe. Yes, none of those guys is as good as Jordan, but it's still three dominant wing superstars against one, unless you count Clyde Drexler, who frankly wasn't that good (Larry Bird was just about done physically by 92 and was months from retirement, remember).

The Dream Team would probably still win, but people who think 2012 team would get destroyed are simply too tied to the myths of the past players.

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