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Gangnam Style in US sports: Oregon Ducks With Spoof Video

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 09/16/12 04:36PM EDT
Oregon Ducks Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style (Photo: wikipedia)

Gangnam Style isn't going away. We reported last week how the insane K-pop (pop music from South Korea) hit song has taken over US pop culture, including sports (To recap: an NFL player did the dance after a kickoff, David Lee hung out with the artist behind the song, and the Dodger Stadium played the song during a Dodgers game).

It continued these past few days, with Britney Spears learning the dance on an episode of Ellen, Lady GaGa referencing it in an interview, and the Oregon Ducks athletics program have made this spoof, featuring cheerleaders, football players, students, and even the duck mascot from the University of Oregon. 

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In the city of El Monte, California, 13 lifeguards were fired after they filmed their own spoof video in the city swimming pool, apparently on company time.

The Korean musician PSY (short for Psycho), has been on a promotional tour in New York for the past couple of weeks, appearing on Saturday Night Live and other TV shows, as well as NYC clubs. It's just a matter of time until we see Knick players like Amare Stoudemire - who tries very hard to be "in" the latest fashion scene - to reference the song or dance.

Fan spoof videos depicting NBA players dancing to Gangnam Style have already made its way around the web, but we'll bet anything Gangnam Style will appear, in official capacity, during a Knick game at Madison Square Garden sometime next month.

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