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Gangnam Style Dance in US Sports: Watch Presidents Perform K-Pop Craze During Race at Nationals Park (VIDEO)

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 09/17/12 12:27PM EDT

Korean pop artist PSY, the creator of Gangnam Style. (Photo: REUTERS)

The Gangnam Style dance has been everywhere as of late, from the Ellen Show to Dodgers Stadium. But have you ever wondered how some of our nation's finest leaders would interpret the Korean Pop phenomenon?

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Well, wonder no more.

The question has been answered, thanks to the Presidents Race at Nationals Park. For those who've never seen highlights of the race on SportsCenter, the blog Let Teddy Win! has an excellent summary of its history and rules.

Basically, four mascots who resemble some of our greatest presidents - George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson - race each other in the middle of the fourth inning during Nationals home games. They began along the warning track and head towards the finish line near the Nationals' dugout.

During an early September game at the park, the presidents decided to change things up a bit. They stripped down into their beach attire before the race and then proceeded to perform a surprisingly competent version of the routine. They were able to save up enough energy to run the actual race, which was won by Lincoln.

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Roosevelt seems to hog the spotlight during the dancing portion, standing in front of the others and occasionally blocking poor Thomas Jefferson from the audience's view. Perhaps this is just Roosevelt's inferiority complex trying to make up for his winless streak.

His showboating may have gotten the best of him, however. Roosevelt remained frozen in his final pose after the music stopped, while his competitors started running the race. The 25th president never actually crosses the finish line in the video.

The Washington Post put video of the dance and race up on its sports blog earlier this month. Apparently it was filmed by a reader named Luis, who uploads videos of the race on YouTube.

To see the entire video, click below.

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