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Stephen A. Smith Thought Story In The Onion About Him Was Real

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 09/18/12 03:48PM UTC
Stephen A Smith

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith thought a story about him in The Onion was real. (Photo: Facebook / RealStephenA)

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith is not exactly known as the sharpest tool in the shed. After all, this is a guy who wrote that the New York Jets should dump Mark Sanchez after 26 regular-season wins over three seasons. He has also written that Jeremy Lin only cares about money, even though the guard has slept on teammate's couches on multiple occasions.

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But he may have outdone himself on Sunday after tweeting angrily about a story about himself that he saw in The Onion. Yes, The Onion, the satire website known that recently wrote an article about an NFL player receiving the kid's book "Frog and Toad are Friends" from his coaches instead of an actual playbook.

Yesterday The Onion posted a story saying that Smith was ready to argue with his nine-year-old son about sex.  It even included the following fake quote from Smith:

"It's a big milestone in every father-son relationship to sit your child down and dispute his pathetic ideas about the birds and bees. He's at that age where he's starting to hear some things about sex at school, so it's important for me as a parent to corner him on his logical inconsistencies and force him to admit he doesn't have the experience to know what the hell he's talking about."

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The fact that the author includes a quote from Smith without actually talking to the radio host personally should have clued Smith in that the story was satire. Not to mention the fact that the story is so ridiculous nobody would actually believe it.

Nobody except Smith, that is, and his tweets responding to the article in question prove as much. Smith has since deleted the tweets, but thanks to the folks at Deadspin and the magic of the Internet, we can read and mock those tweets for all eternity.

"I thought I'd heard enough despicable lies about myself," Smith ranted on Twitter. "Now there's some article that I have a 9-yr-old son and I'm going to have a....Conversation with him about Sex. Mind you, I neither have a son nor a 9-Year-old. Some ppl are beyond despicable. No end! Sad what extent...People will go to. Amazing how folks try to tear cats down, primarily due to perceived power of the spoken word. Damn Shame, but too bad. ...Because I don't intend on going anywhere. Really, Really sad, though!"

Eventually Smith realized the error of his ways. Or, more likely, he received hundreds of tweets in reply telling him that The Onion is actually satire site.

"Haaaaa. The got me. I didn't know it was on Satire! Got it. Peeps got jokes. It's cool!" he tweeted.

Based on these tweets, it appears Smith may have skipped class the day his English teacher taught proper capitalization. Maybe that was the same day his class learned how to identify satire, too.

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