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As NBA 2K13 Release Date Looms, Facebook Games and New Info Released

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 09/21/12 05:20PM EDT

2K (Photo: 2K)

Oct 2, aka NBA 2K13 day to basketball fans and gamers worldwide, is fast approaching, and NBA 2K13 material is also spilling from everywhere.

First, the NBA 2K13 demo will be ready for download on September 25, a week before the game's street-date. Second, 2K has released its first side-game, a Sims-like simulation game for Facebook, today. 

Titled "NBA 2K: My Life", this Facebook game lets you build your baller, walk around a virtual, "Sims"-like world, and spend money (both earned in game and real-world currency) in order to upgrade your living quarters in order to have the most plush estate possible, from mansions on the beach to your own basketball arena in your backyard to a mobile DJ stage, complete with -- what else? -- your own robot who can mix and scratch.  

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Everything you buy or don't buy could have affects on your created player in the actual 2K game. For exmaple, upgrade his kicks in the Facebook sim game, load up the Xbox360 version and the new kicks will be there. 

In other 2K updates, the Knicks top ratings have been revealed, and as you can see, Carmelo Anthony is rated too high (a 92 for a one dimensional player who's only been out of the first round once in 9 years and had a horrible shooting year last season? okay)

Carmelo Anthony: 92

Amare Stoudemire: 84

Jason Kidd: 80

Iman Shumpert: 80

Tyson Chandler: 77

J.R Smith: 75

And look, Tyson Chandler, whom ESPN just called the 23rd best player in the NBA, is only a 77 here, not even as highly rated as 40 year old Jason Kidd. 

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