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Gangnam Style Dance in US Sports: Watch Ohio University Marching Band Perform the K-Pop Hit (VIDEO)

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 09/24/12 02:25PM UTC

Korean pop artist PSY, the creator of Gangnam Style. (Photo: REUTERS)

Ever wonder how "Gangnam Style" would sound when performed by a full marching band? Well, wonder no more.

This past weekend, the Ohio University marching band, called the Marching 110, decided to incorporate the Korean pop hit into its halftime routine. The band performed the number during the Bobcats win over Norfolk State on Saturday, complete with its famous dance routine.

According to The Post, Ohio University's student newspaper, both the band's director and field commander were a bit apprenhensive about using the song at first.

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"At first [director Richard Suk] thought it was weird, but when they started dancing, he saw that we could do something with it," field commander Rocco Contini told The Post. "He actually called me up when he found out about it and asked me about what I thought, and I said I was pretty skeptical."

In fact, Contini told the paper that he was not fully confident that the performance would work until he saw the final product on Saturday.

"Being in charge of keeping an eye on marching fundamentals and techniques, I go into teacher mode and freak out, and I don't know how it's going to turn out," Contini said. "But everyone always pulls it off, and I sit back at the end and wonder why I was worrying."

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The entire performance was planned in around a week, according to The Post. The students received the music on Monday and had everything together by Thursday. Amazingly, this is a typical schedule for the band, according to snare drummer Dan Mills.

"It's all done at an afternoon practice, but then we break it all down into counts and learn the different sets," Mills told The Post. "It's a real tight schedule, and the show we did this week is not the show we did last week."

This is not the first time a performance from the Marching 110 has gone viral. A video of the group's 2011 performance of the LMFAO hit "Party Rock Anthem" currently has over eight million views on YouTube.

To watch the band's Gangnam style performance, click the video below and fast forward to the 1:27 mark.

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