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New York Knicks News: Carmelo Anthony Ranked The 17th Best Player By ESPN; Too Low or Just Right?

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 09/24/12 07:54PM UTC

Carmelo Anthony couldn't hold off LeBron James and the Heat. (Photo: Reuters)

There was much brouhaha last summer when ESPN's NBA rank placed Carmelo Anthony at number 15, with many fans finding it hard to believe that a prolific scorer and perennial all-star would be ranked that low. Heck, Melo himself openly complained to Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe when the two met for a chat a week after the rating.

Well, Anthony's rating dropped two more spots this summer to 17, and although the rating's been out for mere hours, fan reaction on Twitter is already through the roof, to the point that fellow sportswriters have laughed about it.

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From Twitter used Mel Money, aka @xGoodBeinBadx:

Melo ranked at # 17? What a joke. Melo should be in the top 12...atleast!

From Twitter user Jared, aka @JaredB__

Melo ranked 17 #NBArank is Disrespectful #Knicks

Meanwhile, sportswriters have been poking fun at the reaction from angry fans.

They're basically saying that Knicks fans, or Melo fans, are irrational and demands Melo be placed higher without using facts. And it's true. Carmelo Anthony is one of the most overrated players in the league.

It's easier to look at his gaudy offensive numbers -- oh wait! he only averaged 22 points on 43 percent shooting last year, a mark that put him below at least a dozen other scorers in the league -- but let's not forget that his defense is atrocious, and his playmaking skills is only a tad better.

Anthony also has, consistently throughout his career, inferior playoff numbers compared to his regular season numbers (when every other superstar, from LeBron to Durant to Kobe, all step up their game come playoffs), and has only gotten out of the first round once in his entire career. That means he's 1-8 in first round series. 

Really, 17 is about right for Anthony. It's time for Knicks fans to accept the fact that their superstar tandem isn't on the same level as a LeBron/Dwyane Wade, Kobe/Pau Gasol, or Durant/Russell Westbrook tandem. 

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