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Michael Phelps Meets Michael Jordan; Vows He's Not Coming Out of Retirement

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 09/25/12 08:21PM UTC
Michael Phelps

Phelps has the opportunity in London to hold the record for most Olympic medals by winning just three more, which would move him past Soviet Union gymnast Larisa Latynina’s career total of 18. (Photo: Facebook)

When you're Michael Phelps, the most decorated and hyped (perhaps overhyped?) Olympian of all time, there probably aren't many other athletes, anywhere in the world, whose resume impresses you. 

Unless, of course, that man is Michael Jordan, the basketball player widely regarded as the greatest player in his sport's history, and, also, someone who broke boundaries as a black athlete, becoming a global icon and corporate giant in a white-driven nation.

So when the 12-time gold medalist appeared at the Tivoli Theater for a taping of Feherty Live, a late night talkshow on the Gold Channel, Phelps revealed his adoration for the former Chicago Bull megastar.

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And then, just like that, Michael Jordan made a surprise appearance on stage.

The crowd was stunned, but Phelps even more so. For a man who was one of the highest profiled athletes in not one, but two straight Olympics (2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London), Phelps was star-struck. 

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"I'm at a complete loss of words," he said, while staring at Jordan's shoes. 

"He's the greatest,"  Phelps added, referring to Jordan.

The two shared laughs, and Jordan once again proved why he is the star of stars in the athletic world.

Phelps, meanwhile, revealed that he's been back at the pool recently despite officially retiring from the sport. But he insists he's just swimming for fun.

"I'm not coming out of retirement," he said.

But who knows? His idol also retired at the peak of his powers in 1993, vowed he was done, and then came back 18 months later and dropped a double nickel at Madison Square Garden. 

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