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NBA 2K13 Release Date Nears: Is Jeremy Lin Rated Too Low in the Game?

Posted: 09/26/12 11:17PM EDT

Lin (Photo: 2k)

Several NBA players, mostly from the New York Knicks, is currently at the launch party for NBA 2K13 right now. While the top secret party is only open to 2K officials and special guests, we can report that JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Tyson Chandler are in attendance. Why the New York heavy turnout? Well, the party is held in NYC, at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in midtown Manhattan.

With the most anticipated sports game of the year near release, more information is being let loose, and here's a tidbit that should draw discussion again: Jeremy Lin's NBA 2K13 rating. 

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The Houston Rockets guard is rated 77, which is an okay rating. If we go by high school grading curve, that's a C. Is Jeremy Lin a C player? This is up for debate, and his fanbase will surely disagree.

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For the record, the other ratings that have been released are: 

Kevin Durant: 94

James Harden: 81

Serge Ibaka: 80

Shawn Marion: 79

Vince Carter: 79

Darren Collison: 77

Brook Lopez: 80. 

The last three ratings should draw the ire of Lin fans. Vince Carter, who averaged 10 points on 41 percent shooting last year, is rated higher than Lin? Darren Collison, a guy who lost his starting job in Indiana and was then let go? 

(For the record, Brook Lopez is also rated higher than his rival New York big, Tyson Chandler -- who's a 77 -- which is absolutely ridiculous).

2K13, of course, has long favored offense a bit too much on ratings, which is why Carmelo Anthony is overrated at 92. If Lin really is just a 77, the Houston Rockets will likely be a terrible team this year. 

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