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Los Angeles Lakers News: Dwight Howard Is Not As Good As Andrew Bynum, One 76ers Player Says

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 09/27/12 03:07PM UTC
Dwight Howard

One Philadelphia 76ers player thinks Andrew Bynum is better than Dwight Howard (above). (Photo: Reuters / Kevin Kolczynski)

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for center Dwight Howard in the offseason, they clearly felt they were upgrading from their previous big man, Andrew Bynum. But one of Bynum's new teammates disagrees.

Dorell Wright, a small forward who was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in July, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Bynum is the best big man in the league.

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He's going to need two defenders to stop him; I would say he's the best big man in the NBA right now, hands down," Wright  said. "He's a guy that can give you baskets with his back to the basket; a guy who makes free throws at 7-feet. You've just got to respect him."

Obviously, Wright has to defend his new teammate to the press. Otherwise, it will create controversy inside and outside the locker room.

So, the reporter asked Wright if he would still say this about Bynum if the two were not on the same team. Still, Wright refused to back down from his original statement.

"No way, I'd say it any day," he said. "It's because I know he can put his back to the basket and give us a basket and request a double team and make free throws. It's his all-around game. Hopefully he can stay healthy and we can ride, he can put us on his back and he can take us as far as we can go."

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Bynum is certainly a very good player, having averaged over 13 points a game in each of the last five seasons. Last year, he averaged nearly 12 rebounds per game as well.

But, Howard has averaged over 20 points per game in four out of the last five seasons  and at least 10 rebounds per game in every season of his career. Howard also a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, averaging over two blocks per game in each of the last five seasons. By comparison, Bynum has only averaged two blocks per game twice in his career.

Bynum simply does not take over and dominate a game the way Howard does. It is unclear when Howard will return to this form after undergoing back surgery late last season. But assuming he fully recovers, he is one of the top five players in the league today.

Bynum is a solid talent, but he is nowhere near that level.

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