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WWE News And Rumors: John Cena Out Indefinitely, Should He Retire?

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 10/01/12 12:03PM EDT
John Cena and Mitt Romney

John Cena and Mitt Romney. (Photo: Reuters)

If you are a big wrestling fan looking for the latest WWE news and rumors, then you probably won't like the latest news regarding superstar John Cena. According to several sources, the WWE has put Cena on the bench indefinitely while he recovers from elbow surgery.

WWE has removed John Cena from their official Raw TV roster for Monday's Raw taping in Oklahoma City, according to pwtorch.com. Cena did a farewell-for-now speech on the last RAW episode, setting up Cena for time-off to rehab his elbow following surgery last week.

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Initially, John Cena was expected to return in just a week or two following surgery. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case as recovery is going much longer than doctors expected. Doctors have reportedly told Cena that his elbow injury was much worse than they initially expected heading into surgery. He could be barred from returning to the ring for over six weeks if his elbow continues to heal at such a slow pace.

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Not only is Cena one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE, he is also one of their biggest money makers. Now that his body is seemingly beginning to break down, would it be in Jon Cena's best interest to give up wrestling altogether? He has been in a few movies and undoubtedly has other options outside of the ring which would not take near the toll on his body as wrestling obviously does.

Likewise, it may be time for the WWE to begin phasing Cena out as one of their biggest superstars. Most fans would not be happy to see Cena leave the ring for good, but the WWE knows how to market fighters better than any other organization in the world.. It would probably take a year or two, but they would undoubtedly find someone just as talented to replace Cena and the money he makes for the company.

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