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Buffalo Bills Rumors: Mario Williams Blames Horrible Start on Owie Wrist

By Brian Ethridge, Posted: 10/04/12 01:08AM EDT

We guess this isn't much of a rumor, but Buffalo Bills fans will certainly wish it was once they read it. After giving defensive end Mario Williams a huge contract in the offseason, he has greatly underperformed expectations through the first four games of the 2012 NFL regular season.

Why, you ask?

Mario Williams blames it all on his little wrist.

"I'm a hands-on player and it's all about power in my game," Williams said. "It's just been a little odd having a little nick or whatever and not being able to use it to the full extent, but you know, you gotta play."

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Fans of the Buffalo Bills may argue with Williams after his, "you gotta play" statement. The fact of the matter is, if Mario Williams is going to play as poorly as he has been all because of a little wrist injury, fans would rather him sit his butt down on the bench until his owie is completely healed.

Through just four games, Williams has only recorded nine tackles and 1.5 sacks. Considering Mario Williams has been compared to Reggie White, those numbers are an absolute disgrace.

The Buffalo Bills currently sit with an NFL record of 2-2. They lost their first game of the season to the New York Jets, then won back-to-back games over the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns, then got dominated by the New England Patriots, 52-28.

We have a feeling if Mario Williams would have sucked it up and not been such a baby about his wrist, the game against the New England Patriots would have ended up being a more competitive football game.

Considering the millions of dollars that he is getting to play the game of football, hearing him whine about his wrist injury makes us want to puke. He needs to grow up and learn that pain is the name of the game.

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