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Jeremy Lin Still Hasn't Healed Completely From His Injury. Is His Body Not Made for NBA Play?

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 10/09/12 08:02PM EDT

Lin (Photo: Lin)

When news broke that Jeremy Lin suffered a meniscus tear back in March, many thought it'd be a minor setback, and that he'd be back in the playoffs. After all, a meniscus surgery is a very minor operation, one in which many NBA players have recovered from in anywhere from 5 days (Brandon Roy, although to be fair, he is an extreme case, given what happened to his knees after) to 3 weeks (Grant Hill). But Lin ended up missing the rest of the regular season and playoffs. 

During the playoffs, when the Knicks guard suffered one injury after another (first Iman Shumpert, then Baron Davis), many New Yorkers wondered why Lin wouldn't suit to play -- even if he wasn't completely 100% healthy (Lin had, in fact, told reporters he was 85% healthy). After all, many players have played injured before too. 

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It got to a point where New York media started poking fun at Lin. With Frank Isola of the New York Daily News leading the way -- he's still tweeting "85%" jokes to this day. 

Turns out, Lin's stil not 100% yet. He told Houston reporters today that he's still healing.

"My speed and my explosiveness and my agility (are not) there yet," Lin said. "I'm still trying to recover from knee surgery and get to where I was pre-surgery. I probably won't get to play too much. Hopefully, as the preseason goes on I'll get to play more and more to build that endurance." 

The biggest question is: Why?

According to this Reuters report, a meniscus injury is very minor, and "most" NBA players recover from it quickly. Zach Lowe, now of Grantland, wrote about the injury last year for Sports Illustrated, and he too, shared similar opinions. The Village Voice also felt the same way.

Blake Griffin tore his meniscus in July, and he's 100% healthy right now, having been cleared to play. So why is Lin not healed yet from an injury suffered in March? Remember, 40-year-old Grant Hill recovered in three weeks. 23-year-old Lin is taking 7 months?

Many doubters would probably call him soft, but perhaps Lin's body just can't handle the full NBA grind? Sometimes a player can have the skills and desire and passion to play, but the body just won't hold up. See Greg Oden, Bill Walton, DaJuwan Wagner.

Could Lin be headed the same path? 

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