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Sarah Jones, Bengals Cheerleader, May Get Reality Show From 'Jersey Shore' Creators [VIDEO]

By ISports Times Staff Reporter - Posted: 10/26/12 05:56PM UTC
Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones (Photo: Twitter)

Sarah Jones, the Bengals cheerleader who had an illicit affair with 17-year-old student Cody York, is accused of "cashing in on her crime" with a new reality show based on their relationship. Contacted by 495 Productions, the company that created MTV's infamous "Jersey Shore," the 27-year-old Kentucky native is reportedly looking for a "big payday."

"A lot of people are going to be outraged I imagine when they find out she's getting a show," a source told "She is basically being rewarded for breaking the law!"

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The show would reportedly follow the former teacher and her much-younger boyfriend, Cody York, who recently told NBC's "Dateline" that he's not sorry he started an affair with his then-teacher. "Yeah, [the affair] was worth it," he tells "Dateline" tonight when the two sit down to tell their sides of the story. "I never in a million years thought [the arrest and trial] would ever happen."

Jones, 27, pled guilty on Oct. 8 in exchange for a reduced probation sentence. Now she feels vindicated. "The truth will set you free," she says. "The stress fell off of me when I didn't have to hide anymore."

"I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority," Jones told the court, her voice shaky as she spoke.

After the trial, Nathan Wilburn, Jones' ex-husband and high-school sweetheart, called his former wife "scum" and a "conniving liar." "If I were a teacher and had an affair with a teenage girl I would be looking at prison time," he said. "There is no justice there. It is just wrong."

Ross sees things differently. "Absolutely not," he said when asked if she preyed on him as a 17-year-old student. "She did not use her power of authority over me or manipulate me. I didn't like being called the victim, because I wasn't a victim. I wasn't a victim of anything. She never did anything to me."

"I always looked at her as a very close friend," he continued. "She was my support system. Outside of school, it just started coming along."

Ready to embark on a new life together, he gushed: "I love everything about her. She can break down in front of me, she can be her worst in front me and it makes me love her even more."

"This whole scandal has turned into one big payday for Sarah," the source told Radar. "She was boasting that she 'made bank' for her 'Dateline' interview last week and now she is going to be paid for appearing in her own reality TV show. It's sick."

Watch Jones being interrogated here...

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