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Could the Los Angeles Lakers Trade Gasol for Jeremy Lin? ESPN Writer Hints At It.

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 12/06/12 12:26PM EST
Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin had his first 50 percent shooting game this season on Tuesday night. (Photo: REUTERS)

Pau Gasol is, yet again, in the middle of heated trade rumors right now, and while many trade proposals have been thrown out there in the rumor mill -- apparently, the Lakers have already rejected trade offers from Dallas and Timberwolves, according to ESPN -- but the most interesting one is probably this:

Pau Gasol for Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin.

Israel Guitterez of threw out the idea yesterday, and he makes a very good case. 

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The Lakers need a stretch four (a power forward who can hit three pointers), Parsons is a stretch four, shooting 40% of his threes. 

Houston Rocket's GM, Daryl Morey, famously almost traded for Gasol two springs ago. Actually, he did trade for Gasol, but David Stern vetoed the trade. Morey's infactuation with Gasol is widely known.

Although Morey won't admit it, but it's becoming apparent that Lin is just an average NBA player, and that he's overpaid considering the contract he signed. So shredding that contract would help cap space and make up for a mistake.

Now if Lin goes to Los Angeles, he not only goes to the second largest Asian market in the country, but he'll be reunited with Mike D'Antoni, the guy who helped birth Linsanity in the first place. 

There, Lin could learn the game from Steve Nash, one of the all time greats, while playing for D'Antoni's free flowing system that clearly suits Lin's strength.

So, to recap: The Lakers would get that stretch four they want, along with a guy who's extremely marketable to the Asian fanbase of Los Angeles, and with the chance that said player will also improve drastically over his current form and revert back to a dynamic scorer. 

We already know, from ESPN's report, that Toronto is also in play. But really, if you're a Laker fan, who would you rather have, the boring duo of Andrea Barganani and Jose Calderone or Parsons and Lin? 

Of course, the dream scenario for the Lakers would be to get Ryan Anderson, but the Hornets -- soon to be Pelicans -- already stated Anderson is "untouchable". 

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