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Kobe Bryant Divorce: Vanessa Showed Up In Public Without Ring, Is Divorce Back On?

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 12/21/12 12:20PM EST
Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant without ring (Photo: twitter)

It's been a turbulent year for Kobe Bryant, both on the court and off. We know about the drama with his Lakers already, and Bryant's almost-divorce with his wife, Vanessa, was made pretty public. The couple eventually worked things out, getting back together this summer after splitting for most of the year.

But now, trouble may be brewing in the Bryant household. Vanessa showed up at a charity event today and posed for pictures, all without wearing her wedding ring.

Remember, this was the infamous two million dollar ring that Bryant got Vanessa after he was accused of sexual assault back in 2003. Charges didn't go through, but Bryant admitted to adultery. And all sources covering the couple's almost-divorce this year cited Bryant's playboy ways as the main reason.

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So did Bryant get caught again? 

Or maybe Vanessa realizes the Lakers aren't going to win a championship this year? After all, the Mrs famously told New York Magazine she likes to be with "winners". 

On the court though, Bryant's situation looks to get better. Steve Nash is all but set to return to the Lakers on Christmas day against the Knicks, and the Lakers have slowly begun to resemble a team that is playoff-bound. As for actually winning the championship? We still wouldn't bet on it. 

The couple married in 2001 after Bryant met her at a music video shoot. Vanessa was 19 at the time. The couple have two daughters, and share three mansions in the Los Angeles area -- although Vanessa will get at least one of the mansions if the divorce goes through. 

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