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Nico Marley, Grandson Of Bob Marley, Is A BEAST As Linebacker [VIDEO]

By iSports Times Staff Reporter - Posted: 01/11/13 04:16PM EST

Nico Marley, grandson of Bob Marley, is a beast in the linebacker position. He's going to Tulane next season. (Photo:

Nico Marley, the grandson of famed musician Bob Marley, has apparently inherited his grandfather's athleticism. Bob Marley was known by his friends as being an avid fan of soccer, or football as he and his friends referred to it, but apparently Nico Marley has become drawn to another type of football -- American football.

Nico Marley, the son of Rohan Marley, has become a star linebacker at Cypress Bay High School in Florida. Rohan Marley, formerly a star linebacker at the University of Miami, has taught his son everything he knows and has high hopes for his post-high school career.

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"He's really impressive. When I see him, I see myself as a better player. He plays like I played in college. He's everywhere," Rohan Marley told the Miami Herald. "I remember when he was a little boy in Jamaica and I was still training, playing football in the [Canadian Football League] I took him to the beach with me when he was 2. I ran full speed down the beach holding his hand. He ran with me all the way. That's when I knew he was a tough boy."

Nico Marley is 5'8" and 190 pounds, which is undersized according to most experts, but that hasn't stopped the kid from logging a very impressive highlight real. Nico Marley has been said to have the same level of passion and possibly even more leadership than his dad. Nico is currently committed to play linebacker at Tulane. His first choice to play in Miami or any Division I Florida-based team, but he was unfortunately unable to receive a scholarship at any. Tulane should be a great fit for the bright young boy, anyhow, given his 3.75 GPA at Weston (Fla.) Cypress Bay High.

"People can talk about his size, this and that, but he's a special, special player," Cypress Bay coach Mark Guandolo told the Herald. "I've never seen someone manhandle him. He takes people on, is always productive, always around the ball. He's thick. He's strong. He's a bull. He has that Marley spirit, just something so strong that gets us all going."

The coach at Cypress Bay is no stranger to nurturing profound talent. He's formerly coached Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason. Nico Marley will enter Tulane during the 2013-2014 season.

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