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‘NFL Bad Lip Reading’ YouTube Video: Watch Hilarious Video Of Dubbed-Over NFL Clips [VIDEO]

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 01/15/13 10:45PM EST
NFL Bad Lip Reading

Pete Carroll was just one of the victims of Bad Lip Reading's parody of the NFL. (Photo: YouTube / BadLipReading)

The guys at "Bad Lip Reading" have taken on the NFL.

The YouTube channel, known for dubbing crazy phrases over real images of talking celebrities, posted a new video focused solely on the NFL. Just think of it as a funnier version of the game Film Dub on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The compilation has quickly gone viral, with over 3,000 views on Reddit and 13,000 "thumbs up" on YouTube as of Tuesday night.

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In the "NFL Bad Lip Reading" version of events, Adrian Peterson has no desire to talk about his attempt at the single-season rushing record. Instead, all he wants is an egg roll or a cookie at the end of a game.

Meanwhile, Joe Staley, a lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, would rather quarterback Colin Kaepernick for help burning an old man than talk about protection schemes on the sidelines.

And all those times their coach, Jim Harbaugh, is screaming at referees from the sidelines? It turns out all he wants is some cake.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is one of the most frequent victims of this "NFL Bad Lip Reading" parody. Early footage reveals that when he appears to be calling out signals to his teammates, he is really just celebrating the return of Fido the dog. He also takes time to brag to fellow Patriots that he is white. And if the Patriots quarterback does not have enough money, one coach comes up to him and promises to give him enough cash to buy a pregnant cow.

Fellow superstar quarterback Peyton Manning also does not get off easy in this "NFL Bad Lip Reading." He reveals that the real reason his Denver Broncos were so good this season is because of the magical potions his teammates have been drinking. Maybe the Broncos forgot to take the potions before their playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens this past weekend.

Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is not really yelling playcalls to his team from the sidelines. Instead, he is urging players not to do heroin and doing his best impression of a frog.

Even the referees do not escape unscathed. One tells a tale of a date with a woman who has a floor made of beanbags, while another asks for a sloth.

According to Mashable, the guys at "Bad Lip Reading" have also parodied everyone from Barack Obama to Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games."

You can watch the NFL's "Bad Lip Reading" YouTube video below.


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