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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: 5 Teams Interested In Jets' Cornerback

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 01/23/13 11:09PM EST
Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis (Photo: REUTERS / Mike Segar)

According to various reports, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is more than willing to trade away the superstar corner back Darrelle Revis before he becomes a free agent next year. We are not sure why the Jets would want to trade away their one great player and potentially the best cornerback in the entire NFL, but then again we are not very surprised by anything the Jets do these days. Here are 5 teams rumored to be interested in Revis' services.

1: New England Patriots

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When you think of the New England Patriots one weakness, you think of their lack of coverage in the passing game. Slowly but surely, Bill Belichick is putting together a nice young group of linebackers and linemen, but his secondary still needs help. As we all witnessed against teh Baltimore Ravens in the AFC conference championship game, as soon as Aqib Talib went down with an injury, the Patriots could not stop Joe Flacco from throwing the rock around. Darrelle Revis could finally help Tom Brady win his fourth Super Bowl ring.

2: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are in a very similar to the New England Patriots. They have a great young defense, but Champ Bailey is way past his prime and is no longer capable of taking away opposing offenses best receiver. If the Broncos would have had Darelle Revis in their secondary, Peyton Manning would likely be playing in the Super Bowl this year.

3: Dallas Cowboys

Any time a big name player hits the trade market, Jerry Jones is interested. He is not afraid to throw money around and he loves attention from the mainstream media. We are not sure how much Revis would help the Cowboys because their problems go much further than just one position. Still, the addition of Revis certainly couldn't hurt them any.

4: Seattle Seahawks

Put Darrelle Revis on a defense that already has the best pass rush in the entire National Football League and we can't imagine any offense finding success against them. If Revis Island lands in Seattle, their defense could be the best we have seen from any team in years.

5: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have a very good and underrated defense, but their one weakness has been occasional breakdowns in pass coverage. Darrelle Revis would be a significant upgrade in their secondary and he would take a lot of pressure off of the Bengals offense which feels like it has to score on every possession in order to win football games.

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