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Watch WWE Monday Night Raw Online Free; Will Triple H Return To Punish Brock Lesnar? Does C.M. Punk Abandon Heyman? Did Tensai LIKE His Lingerie?

By Mo Mozuch - Posted: 02/04/13 07:31PM UTC
Watch WWE Monday Night RAW Live Online Free

Will Vince McMahon get revenge after being attacked by Paul Heyman's enforcer, Brock Lesnar? (Photo: Creative Commons)

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AWWWW YEAH!!!! Lock up your daughters, it's Monday Night RAW!

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Last week's RAW featured an EXPLOSIVE ending. In case you missed it, watch this video.

That pretty much sets the tone for what we can expect from tonight's episode of RAW. Vince McMahon, who took a damn good bump for a 70-year-old man, reportedly suffered a broken left hip after the F-5 and will have to have emergency surgery as a result. So, like any good RAW, revenge is in the air.

But who will exact that revenge? Obviously, thoughts turn to Triple H, son-in-law to Vince McMahon and heir to his throne. He and Brock Lesnar have had some conflicts in the past, if you remember.

So Triple H was more or less sidelined by his loss to Lesnar at SummerSlam, and rumor has it that he wants a rematch at WrestleMania. Tonight would be the perfect opportunity to stoke the flames of vengeance. And who wouldn't love to see a little verbal sparring between Triple H and Paul Heyman? Don't be surprised if the confrontation starts with Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman, and then Heyman crosses the line and Triple H comes out.

The F-5 heard 'round the wrestling world has some other implications too.

The Bleacher Report speculates that former champ C.M. Punk may abandon Heyman now that he has crossed the line, potentially putting him at odds with The Shield. He has his hands full with The Rock, right? But now that Cena is stepping into the mix, and a face-friendly Cena vs. Rock WrestleMania seems all but a certainty, where does that leave Punk? Going mano-a-trio with the Shield could get him back into babyface land, but he's done such a solid heel turn it seems like it'd be a waste.

Where does the Rock factor in? Will he continue to feud with Punk? Or will he move on to Rumble Winner John Cena, who publicly stated that the Rock was "a marked man" now that he's champ?

We also have a little Y2J to look forward to tonight. I admit to being a Jerichoholic, but even his haters have to agree that the guy brings some much needed mic skills to a RAW roster that has given us such fantastic orators like Ryback and Big Show. He will amp up his feud with Ziggler, and maybe that "Money in the Bank" briefcase comes into play?

Expect more developments on the Team Hell No comedy sideshow, maybe a Trish Stratus appearance, and Albert Del Rio and Big Show will likely butt heads.

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