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Leon Sandcastle Or Montana Miracle Stain: Which Super Bowl Ad Did You Like Better? [VIDEOS & POLL]

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 02/04/13 08:31PM UTC
Leon Sandcastle

Deion Sanders dressed as "Leon Sandcastle" for a NFL Network Super Bowl ad. (Photo: Video Screenshot)

Leon Sandcastle and Montana Miracle Stain were two of the most talked about ads during Sunday's Super Bowl.

As Bleacher Report notes, the former commercial was an advertisement for NFL Network's year-round coverage of the league. The spot begins with analysts Rich Eisen and Michael Irvin discussing the breakout rookie seasons of quarterbacks Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Indeed, all three of these men started playoff games this season, the first time that has happened in NFL history, per FOX Sports.

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In the NFL Network ad, Deion Sanders is listening to this discussion while at his hairdresser. He decides he can still play and decides to don a wig and mustache and become "Leon Sandcastle." Sanders then shows up at the NFL Combine (which, of course, can be seen on NFL Network) and blows scouts away with his 40-yard dash time. Eisen and other NFL analysts then begin talking up Sandcastle, who is ultimately chosen with the top overall pick in the draft.

This Leon Sandcastle ad made several websites' lists of the top Super Bowl commercials. NESN wrote that it might be the best of the night, while Time Magazine gave it a grade of an A-.

NFL fans in particular seemed to appreciate the humor. At least two separate SB Nation sites, Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Denver, deemed this ad one of the best of the evening.

However, another NFL-themed ad a few minutes later may have topped this one. As Hollywood Gossip notes, this Tide commercial begins with a 49ers fan dropping some salsa on his white shirt. The miracle stain is a dead ringer for San Francisco legend Joe Montana. The fan in question quickly frames the shirt and becomes an overnight celebrity. But the real punch line comes at the end of the ad, when the fan's Ravens-fan wife cleans the shirt and removes the Montana stain (using Tide, of course).

Stuart Elliott of the New York Times was harsh on this year's crop, writing on Monday that they mostly played on tired and clichéd ideas. However, he too listed the Montana miracle stain ad as one of his favorites.

In fact, USA Today's Ad Meter determined that the Tide ad was the second-most popular of the Super Bowl, behind only the heartwarming Budweiser clydesdales spot. The Leon Sandcastle commercial came in eighth.

So which ad did you like better: Leon Sandcastle or Montana Miracle Stain? View the videos below and then vote in our poll.

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