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Watch Toddler Titus' Basketball Trick Shot Video

By Melissa Siegel - Posted: 02/06/13 10:14AM EST
Titus Trick Shot Video

Toddler Titus makes a basket from a regulation-size rim in his trick shot video that went viral. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

The video of a toddler performing basketball trick shots has gone viral on YouTube.

The clip, which has garnered over 800,000 views in less than a week, shows a young tot named Titus who, according to the description, learned how to shoot shortly after he started to walk.

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Titus then proceeds to perform a number of trick shots that even LeBron James and Kobe Bryant would be jealous of. Just in the first minute, Titus scores from over a railing, across a room, behind the back and even from behind the backboard.

Over 2,300 people have commented on this viral video.

"This kid already has offers from a few D-1 schools," wrote Eric Tucker.

"All we need is Skip Bayless to hate on him on First Take for not driving the ball to the hole," added Kalumbu Mwandwe.

Even the Harlem Globetrotters, no strangers to trick shots themselves, are impressed by Titus. The group's website features Titus' video and even asks him to teach the Globetrotters a thing or two.

However, not everyone on the Internet is impressed with Titus' basketball skills. Tom Ley of Deadspin calls this toddler a "fraud" because of his poor shooting form. While Titus does make all of these baskets with an odd behind-the-head, two-handed technique, he still shows more skills than children five or six times his age.

Indeed, as USA Today noted, it's the results that matter in basketball, not how good a player (or toddler) looks making the shots.

Young Titus will soon be making his national television debut. The boy's father wrote on his Facebook page that the trick shot specialist will appear on the "Today" show on Thursday morning. The family has also been contacted by ESPN and "Good Morning America."

Of course, as Huffington Post noted, Titus is not the first youngster to make headlines for his basketball skills. Back in 2010, a YouTube video dubbed 12-year-old Jordan McCabe the next LeBron James. McCabe showed impressive ball handling abilities and could dribble the ball through his legs multiple times. According to the Sammamish Review, McCabe was drafted to the Globetrotters just a year later.

Meanwhile, a 9-year-old named Mike Miles has been called a "point guard prodigy" after video surfaced of him schooling other children his age on the court.

You can watch Titus' amazing basketball trick shots below.

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