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Dwayne Bowe NFL Rumors: 5 Teams He May Play For In 2013

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 02/11/13 04:02PM UTC
Dwayne Bowe

Dwayne Bowe is a hot free agent in the NFL. (Photo: Reuters)

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver will be an NFL free agent this offseason. That means he will be free to leave Kansas City and join a different team if he wants. The 28-year-old wide receiver is extremely talented and is believed to be a top 10 WR in the league. However, he has character issues and he really has not been able to showcase his talent in Kansas City due to their horrible quarterback situation.

Where will Dwayne Bowe end up playing in 2013? Here are five teams where we could see him ending up.

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New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are considering getting rid of both Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker this offseason. If that happens, they will desperately be in need of a new wide receiver. If Dwayne Bowe is sick and tired of being a on a losing team, he may be willing to take a slight pay cut to join Tom Brady and the Patriots. He would undoubtedly be their No. 1 receiver.

Minnesota Vikings

There are NFL rumors that the Vikings will be getting rid of Percy Harvin this offseason via trade. While we can't see that happening, if it does they will need another wide receiver. Dwayne Bowe fits the Vikings' scheme perfectly.

Miami Dolphins

There is no team in the NFL that needs an upgrade at the wide receiver position more than the Miami Dolphins. Dwayne Bowe would likely receive the most money by joining the Dolphins.

New York Jets

The New York Jets love winning the offseason by signing big names. Rex Ryan could certainly use a wide receiver and Dwayne Bowe would fit the Jets' offense very well. Rex Ryan also has no problem signing guys with character issues.

Kansas City Chiefs

In our minds, this is the most likely landing spot for Dwayne Bowe in 2013. He has been living in Kansas City for quite a few years and he is comfortable there. Now that the team will be ran by future hall of fame coach Andy Reid, Bowe may feel like sticking in town for awhile. After all, Reid has a history of making superstars out of talented wide receivers.

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