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Ray Edwards Boxing: Nicholas Capes Dives; Watch Phantom Punch Here

By Kahlil Thomas - Posted: 02/13/13 12:53PM EST

An Iowa boxer was suspended for flopping and taking a dive against a former NFL star.

Ray Edwards was a fourth-round draft pick in 2006 by the Minnesota Vikings. He accumulated 30 sacks for the Vikings in five seasons with the team before he signed a five-year, $27.5 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons in 2011. He did not perform at all in the first year of the deal and was released after one season. He wants to get back into the league but now takes boxing matches when he could get them.

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Edwards and event promoter Cory Rapacz set up a fight for the former 6-foot-5, 268 pound former defensive end in North Dakota, not exactly the mecca of boxing. His opponent was unknown due to numerous opponents backing out of the fight. Then one man agreed to fight Edwards ... his name was Nicholas Capes.

There was a major size advantage that Edwards held over Capes but that didn't stop Capes from getting into the ring and ... dropping 13 seconds into the fight.

Al Jaeger, the secretary of state and overseer of combative sports events in North Dakota, suspended Capes for flopping after he said that Capes was not hit by one punch from Edwards. The event promoter Rapacz feels that Capes was scared due to the size advantage that Edwards held.

"I feel terrible for him. (Capes) got sacred and looked for a way out," Rapacz told WDAY-TV.

A cape, a cruiserweight according to Rapacz, was a replacement for a couple of no-shows. He apparently had no idea of what he was getting into facing the larger Edwards, who usually fights at heavyweight.

There was some saying that Edwards knew about the dive and that the fight was fixed. Edwards took to Twitter to deny the claim.

"I don't fight fixed fights. Check my first pro fight. Guys back out at weigh-ins. Nothing I could do," Edwards tweeted. "Promoter said I'll find you someone else and when I showed up to fight that's who was there. I'll never disrespect the sport. I train too hard for that.

Did Capes take a dive? Watch the video below:

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