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Derrick Rose Return: Rose Grown Extra Inch, Improved Jumper And Left-Handed Floater

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 03/18/13 05:21AM EDT
Derrick Rose

How will the Bulls fare without Derrick Rose? (Photo: Reuters)

Whether or not Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose will return to action this season is still up in the air -- the young point guard has been cleared for action by his doctors but has said he doesn't feel quite comfortable yet -- but when he does return, expect a superior Derrick Rose.

NBA insider Ric Bucher spoke to and spent time with Rose last week and has says, via Twitter, Rose has "expanded his offensive moves". These include a higher-arching, smoother three point shot, a step-back quick release midrange shot, and a left-handed verison of his deadly push-shot from 10 feet (the same shot he used to beat the Lakers on opening night of the 2012 NBA season).

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Perhaps bigger news is that Bucher claims Rose has grown a inch. 

This is what Bucher wrote: 

It seems unlikely for someone to grow in height at 24, but I'd swear he's gone from 6'3" to 6'4". I'm the former and we were eye level the last time I spoke to him.

And finally, Chicago Bulls fans should be happy to hear this:

All in all, he seemed to be in great spirits and, while it was merely a pre-game workout and a brief post-game conversation, I fully expect DRose 2.0 to be even better than the original.  

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