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NCAA Tournament 2013: 5 Ways To Create The Perfect Bracket

By Kahlil Thomas - Posted: 03/18/13 04:31PM UTC
NCAA Tournament 2013

March Madness gets underway Tuesday night with the first play-in games. (Photo: Reuters)

Every year, millions of people sit and jot down who they believe will move through the NCAA tournament and win the national championship.  

Everyone believes that their brackets are the best bracket and everyone else has no idea what they are doing. When it comes to creating the best bracket, there is some science that goes with it. Many people pick their favorite teams to coast through to the end, even if that team is Western Kentucky or Southern.

This article is here to help with ways for your bracket to stand above the rest in your particular work pools and/or your ESPN brackets.

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(Warning: If this how-to article helps you win $1 million, we here at isportstimes expect 1 percent of your winnings.)

1. Never ever pick a 16 over a 1 seed: Now, this is, by far, the most important thing you must NOT do on your brackets. In the history of the NCAA Tournament, a 16 has never defeated a 1. There have been close calls including the closest one of all in 1996 when No. 16 Western Carolina lost by two 73-71 to No. 1 Purdue. There may never be an upset of epic proportions like a 16 beating a 1. And if there ever is one, most likely no one will have picked it. By picking an unlikely winner of a game, your entire bracket could blow up within an hour of the tournament starting.

2. Do not listen to the pundits on television or radio: People make the mistake of following the brackets of TV's talking heads to fill out their brackets. "Jay Bilas has Montana going to the Elite Eight so I will follow him." Um, no. Sorry, I enjoy listening to the musings of College Gameday like any other sports fan but they are all doing what we're doing ... guessing. They have information like how many points a game the forward from Davidson scores when he wears green socks, but they have no idea how these games will turn out. Follow what you think and not Digger Phelps and his green marker.

3. Try not to let anyone under the age 14 make picks for you: We are all busy and sometimes we can't do picks for our online brackets because something came up at work. In that case, you are designated a bracket picker for one of your brackets. I actually know someone who let their 7-year-old son pick his bracket because "the kid knows his sports." HE'S SEVEN! This rule was instituted since then and is affectionately called "The Dave Rule" in tribute. If anything, the only person who should do any picking is women. They're deadly at picking and they're logic is so out there sometimes, it works.

4. Do not make picks at 11:55 a.m., on Thursday morning ... five minutes before March Madness begins:  This is a mistake people make and you probably know someone who has done this. They wait and wait to make selections. They accumulate information on teams they have no clue about. They listen to every sports radio show listening to "experts" trying to gauge who to pick and they never make their picks. They run around with two minutes before tipoff asking you who you have in the 5 verusus 12 game and virtually losing their mind. Moral of the story ... just make your pick, which leads me into the last point.

5. Don't over think:  It is not life and death. Just pick who you think will win the games. If you feel that a 14 seed will beat a 3 seed, then pick the 14 seed. Everyone is guessing who will win the games and you will most likely not be perfect (although it has happened) so just have fun with it. Unless the bracket competition is amongst good friends, then it's war.

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