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MMA Fighter Faked Death? Charlie Rowan Committed Robbery And Fakes Death For Money [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 03/22/13 09:39PM UTC
Charlie Rowan

Charlie Rowan (l), Rosalinda Martinez (m), and Michael Bowman (r) were arrested for robbing a gun shop in Gladwin County. (Photo: AP Photo/Gladwin County Sherif)

Did an MMA fighter fake his death?

Mixed martial arts expert Charlie Rowan was supposed to appear at a fight in Traverse City, Michigan, last month. Unfortunately, Rowan never made it. Instead, Rowan's girlfriend Rosalinda Martinez told the organizers that Charlie Rowan tragically lost his life in a car crash.

Christos Piliafas, a fellow fighter, was deeply saddened from the news. With the help of the MMA community, he managed to organize a benefit event in order to raise a total of $1300 for Charlie Rowan and his family. What's more, at least two other fellow MMA fighters also held charity events to raise $500 each for Rowan.

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"I just felt bad for his family," said Christos Piliafas.

Shockingly, Rowan apparently took advantage of his MMA community and the goodness of their hearts. The MMA fighter faked his death. Charlie Rowan is not dead.

Christos Piliafas later learned that Charlie Rowan got arrested after a failed attempt to rob a gun shop in Gladwin County. In fact, the robbery involved a total of three individuals including Charlie Rowan, Rosalinda Martinez, and Michael Bowman. Rowan is now in prison. Piliafas finally realized that the story from Rosalinda Martinez one month ago was an attempt for the MMA fighter to fake his death in order to keep the criminal act a secret.

According to a statement from Gladwin County Sheriff Michael Shea, "This crime is especially heinous since the owner of the gun store was savagely attacked and is in critical condition."

A bizarre story that demonstrates questionable life choices, be sure to learn more about Charlie Rowan in the video below:

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