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Jeremy Lin Injured His Knee A Year Ago Today, How's He Faring Now, And Why The Knicks Hide Injury Severity From Fans

By Staff Reporter - Posted: 03/24/13 04:17AM EDT
Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin scored 20 points in the Rockets' victory over the Cavaliers earlier this year. (Photo: Reuters)

A year ago today, then-Knicks guard Jeremy Lin suffered a knee injury in a win over the lowly Detroit Pistons. At the time, everyone, from Lin to the Knicks franchise, insisted it was a minor injury. Lin would be back in a few days, they kept saying. 

Instead, that was the last time Lin suited up for the Knicks. He ended up going through knee surgery for a torn meniscus. 

Last week, Iman Shumpert felt a pop in his surgically repaired knee in Wednesday's win over the woeful Orlando Magic. The situation is almost eerily similar to Lin's injury last year. And yes, again, the Knicks are insisting it's no big deal, that Shumpert probably just popped a scar tissue, the Knicks trainer said.

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Why do the Knicks continue to do this? Rasheed Wallace injured his foot in December, and the Knicks kept telling fans he'd be back, he'd be back, for weeks, until it was announced that Wallace had likely played his last ever NBA game. Kurt Thomas felt pain in his foot two weeks ago, the Knicks insisted he was fine, and last week, Thomas was revealed to have a stress fracture, and his season is likely done. 

Carmelo Anthony suffered what the Knicks claim to be a minor knee injury two weeks ago. Mike Woodson wouldn't take him out of the game, in fact. And then what happened? Melo's knee problems got worse and he ended up missing a week of games and had to have his knees drained. 

Lin is healthy today, fortunately, but there was a good chance he could have aggravated his injury had he returned last year. The same is with Shumpert right now. 

The Knicks' history is too hard to ignore. Shumpert needs to see a separate doctor, get a second and third opinion. He can't trust the Knicks' doctors. 

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