Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Did Undertaker's Streak Survive? Who Won The WWE Title?

By iSports Times Staff Reporter, Posted: 04/07/13 11:24PM EDT

After another long trek, that began at the 2013 Royal Rumble, the WWE Road to Wrestlemania has ended with Wrestlemania 29, live from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

With both major WWE titles on the line, and a number of exciting matches on the card, Wrestlemania 29 certainly had the roster necessary to create a memorable night of professional wrestling. And, while there may have been some concern that cold weather could negatively effect the performances of WWE Superstars, it certainly didn't seem to be a factor to those of us watching at home. So, want to know who took home the WWE Title, and whether or not Triple H has been forced into another "retirement"?

Here's the International Sports Times recap of Wrestlemania 29!

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Sheamus, Randy Orton & Big Show vs The Shield

Wrestlemania 29 kicked off with a three-on-three tag team match which saw Big Show joining Sheamus and Randy Orton to challenge The Shield on what the WWE is now billing as the Most Exciting Night In Sports Entertainment. The Shield didn't have a loss on their record going into Wrestlemania 29, and the trio of Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose managed to emerge from their freshman Wrestlemania match with another notch in the Win column.

The action stayed surprisingly fast, consider six of WWE's largest competitors were in the ring, though The Shield ultimately proved to be too much for three of World Wrestling Entertainment's most popular wrestlers. While neither team seamed to grab momentum for long, though Big Show did manage a triple spear that didn't look awful, and Seth Rollins set up an incredible flying RKO from the top rope during the match's finale. But it was Dean Ambrose who would ultimately capitalize on the mayhem to snag a pinfall victory over Randy Orton.

Of course, he also had a little help from Big Show, who decided not to break up Ambrose' pin attempt, thanks to lingering anger over Orton stealing a tag from Sheamus only moments before. Adding insult to injury, Big Show sent Sheamus and Orton home with a KO Punch to remember Wrestlemania 29.

Winners: The Shield

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Mark Henry vs Ryback

This was probably the first time during a 2013 WWE pay-per-view when I was genuinely hoping for an old-school "BOR-ING" chant to break out at MetLife Stadium. Only months after being the man that every WWE Superstar was afraid of, Ryback inexplicably spent much of his Wrestlemania 29 match doing the job for the Mark Henry. The 400 pound Mark Henry simply proved to be too much for Ryback though, who ultimately succumbed to the World's Strongest Slam shortly after a Shellshock attempt ended with Ryback collapsing under the weight of his opponent.

After the match was over, it looked as if Mark Henry would continue his attack on a stunned Ryback, but a massive spinebuster revealed that Ryback quite as hurt as Mark Henry might believe. While he didn't leave Wrestlemania 29 with a win, Ryback did leave Mark Henry down and out in the ring, hitting a Shellshock on his second attempt.

Winner: Mark Henry

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Team Hell No(c) vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

Daniel Bryan opened the match with a blistering assault on Dolph Ziggler that sent the Money in the Bank winner scurrying back to his corner for a quick tag to his much larger tag team partner. In response, Daniel Bryan swapped places with his giant tag partner, though the Big Red Machine was likely surprised by what came next.

Kane called for a tag, and sprinted to meet Big Ewith a quick splash, but was caught mid-air and slammed back to the canvas by Langston in impressive fashion. Ziggler's partner/enforcer continued to dominate during the early minutes, going toe-to-toe with the Big Red Machine and providing more than a match for the much smaller Daniel Bryan. Any time Team Hell No began to get something going, Langston was quick to shut it down, and return momentum to his corner.

In fact, It looked as if Ziggle and Langston had the match in the bag, after Langston landed a massive splash on the Big Red Machine, but Kane responded by tossing Big E from the ring with relative ease. A flying knee from Daniel Bryan helped keep the big man down long enough for Team Hell No to finish off Ziggler, and the rest was history.

After Ziggler's last-ditch effort to smash Kane with the Money in the Bank briefcase, the Big Red Machine planted Dolph with a massive chokeslam. Bryan Daniels came off the top rope , and a three count sealed another successful title defense for Team Hell No.

Winner: Team Hell No

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Chris Jericho vs Fandango

Well we're not sure about his gimmick, but Fandango -- the wrestler-slash-"ballroom dancer" named after a Spanish couples dance -- had an impressive debut performance during his Wrestlemania 29 match with "Y2J" Chris Jericho on Sunday night. While the Fandango/Jericho contest started extremely slowly, with Jericho dominating much of the early "action", Fandango displayed quite a bit of athletic ability and showed off a few of the acrobatic counter-attacks which are apparently at his disposal..

The match certainly wasn't spectacular, and ended with a poorly-acted knee injury after Fandango forced Jericho to abandon a Lionsault attempt; however, we're willing to look past the match's shortcomings solely because it managed to turn itself around after an abysmally boring opening.

It wasn't memorable, but Fandango's surprise pinfall victory over Chris Jericho certainly wasn't the worst match in Wrestlemania history.

Winner: Fandango

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Alberto Del Rio(c) vs Jack Swagger - World Heavyweight Championship

Thankfully, we weren't forced to sit through to long of a speech before the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania 29. Unfortunately, Sunday's title match between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio didn't match the intensity or entertainment of the World Heavyweight Champion's prior 2013 performances against the Big Show at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber.

The match had its moments, including a back-and-forth submission hold showdown which saw Del Rio counter the "Patriot Lock" (see: ankle lock) into his cross-armbreaker, only to have Swagger escape and contort his ankle once more. For a few moments, it certainly seemed as if Jack Swagger could walk out of Wrestlemania 29 with the World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist.

Outside of that brief spell, neither the champion or the challenger seemed capable of gaining the upper hand for long during the World Heavyweight title match; at least until Swagger's manager, Zeb Coulter, injected himself into the mix. With a cheap shot on Del Rio's ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, Coulter left the champion distracted enough for an attack from Swagger that seemed to signal the beginning of the end. But victory wasn't in the cards for Jack Swagger.

Del Rio continued his 2013 WWE pay-per-view win streak with a surprise cross armbreaker that literally took Jack Swagger off of his feet. With nowhere to go, trapped in the middle of the ring, Swagger had no choice but to submit, giving Alberto Del Rio his third World Heavyweight Championship title defense of the year in front of more than thousand fans at MetLife Stadium.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: CM Punk vs Undertaker

This was one of the few years when fans around the globe genuinely wondered if Undertaker's well-established Wrestlemania winning streak might finally come to an end. With CM Punk seemingly having the upper hand in recent weeks, it was unclear if WWE was introducing a personal motivation for Undertaker to win or to acclimate fans to the idea of the Phenom losing on professional wrestling's grandest stage.

CM Punk dominated The Undertaker for the vast majority of the match, recapturing momentum each time the Deadman seemed to be gaining control, and even going so far as to perform the Undertaker's famed "Old School" top-rope walk. A second try proved disasterous though, and nearly led to Paul Heyman taking a chokeslam, but Punk managed to recover once more.

A flying cross-body splash and top rope elbow drop had the crowd on its feet, but Undertaker managed to kick out once more, and turned the tide with a chokeslam for the ages. It still wasn't enough though, and the action soon spilled to the outside without either WWE Superstar seeming capable of controlling the match for long.

The back-and-forth action continued for several more minutes, Punk tried every trick in the book, even using the stolen urn which supposedly contained the remains of William "Paul Bearer" Moody, but the second Tombstone Piledriver proved too much for CM Punk. As the audience roared in approval, the Undertaker stuck out his tongue, pinned CM Punk for the three count, and left Metlife Stadium with Wrestlemania victory number 21 on Sunday night.

Winner: Undertaker

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: Triple H vs Brock Lesnar No DQ/Triple H's Career On The Line

In a match set-up by a mid-February attack on Vince McMahon, former WWE and UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar made his return to Wrestlemania in a no disqualification, no-holds-barred match which carried the added stipulation of costing Triple H his career should he lose to the man formerly known as The Next Big Thing.

As was to be expected, Brock Lesnar dominated the match's early moments, tossing Triple H around like a rag doll and countering just about every offensive maneuver that the 13-time WWE champion could pull out of his extensive arsenal. Inside of the ring and out, Lesnar imposed his will on Triple H, with Paul Heyman goading the former WWE COO all the while.

It was outside of the ring that Brock Lesnar also had a chance to show exactly why he is so physically intimidating to most of the WWE roster. While CM Punk and Undertaker may have had some trouble breaking the Spanish announcer's table during their match, Brock Lesnar had no such trouble, flattening the table with a near instantaneous vertical suplex on Triple H.

Each time it seemed Triple H might regain control of the match, Lesnar responded with brutal force, slamming the former WWE Champion to the mat time and time again. Finally, after a near perfect german suplex, Heyman called for Lesnar to end the match.

Just when all seemed lost, Shawn Michaels hopped onto the ring apron, distracting Lesnar long enough for Triple H to catch his breath and form a plan of attack. When Brock attempted to spear Triple H into the turnbuckle, The Game made his move, letting his hulking opponent crash shoulder-first into the turnbuckle before hitting a low-blow on Lesnar.

Fortunately, Shawn Michaels recovered in time to take Paul Heyman out of the equation. Though he couldn't force Lesnar to tap out to his own Kimura submission finisher, Triple H managed to survive three spinebreakers onto the steel steps, stunning Lesnar with a simultaneous DDT on his final trip to the stairs. One final Pedigree onto the steel steps sealed th deal, and The Game stood tall over Brock Lesnar with a pinfall victory.

Winner: Triple H

Wrestlemania 29 Recap: The Rock(c) vs John Cena - WWE Title

For the second year in a row, John Cena and The Rock faced off at Wrestlemania, but would John Cena finally have what it takes to beat the Brahma Bull on wrestling's biggest night?

Of course he did. He didn't become synonymous with the "Five Moves of Doom" by losing, did he?

Despite a chorus of boos, his sad puppy dog eyes, and the audience's overwhelming desire to see The Rock leave with the WWE title firmly in his grasp, John Cena walked away from Wrestlemania 29 with another WWE Championship under (around?) his belt. It certainly wasn't Rock/Austin at Wrestlemania 17, but we'd be shocked if Cena didn't leave MetLife Stadium with at least a few more fans on Sunday night.

The last few minutes saw Cena and Rock trade enough finishers to make an Attitude Era match jealous, but by the end of the night, a crowd that booed nearly every mention/appearance of Cena for roughly four hours was on its feet with excitement.

With one final fireman's carry, John Cena claimed a three count victory over The Rock, presumably ending the Brahma Bull's latest stint in the WWE and likely guaranteeing at least 10 more years of the most/least popular WWE Champion in recent history.

Winner: John Cena

What was your favorite moment from Wrestlemania 29? Is there a match(s) that you hoped would turn out differently?

Let us know in the comments section!

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