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The Rock Leaves WWE Again? Tweets Injury Update Amid Rumors He Clashed With Cena Backstage At WrestleMania [REPORT]

By Mo Mozuch - Posted: 04/10/13 03:03PM EDT
The Rock leaves WWE again

The Rock tweeted this pic showing the moment in the match when he tore muscles in his abdomen. (Photo: Twitter)

Did The Rock leave the WWE again? That's the rumor swirling around the Internet on several different rumors websites.  According to the WWE rumor mill, The Rock was scheduled to appear on Monday night's episode of RAW at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, N.J. But he made the decision sometime Monday afternoon to skip the event, a drastic move considering he was supposed to be on-hand to set up a storyline involving Brock Lesnar. Further complicating the situation for the WWE, The Rock allegedly did not inform them of his decision to skip the show leaving the writers with a massive hole in the lineup. On the surface, it seems like his absence is attributable to injuries he sustained at WrestleMania. The Rock tweeted about his injuries on Tuesday.

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But beyond the injuries there is rampant speculation about other, more personal reasons for The Rock leaving the WWE again. According to the Examiner, The Rock was supposed to retain his title at WrestleMania 29 but the creative department changed the angle at the last minute and allowed Cena to emerge the new WWE champ. Their sources say The Rock was "furious" over the change.

The Examiner's inside sources at the WWE told the website that, in addition to being upset with the creative department , The Rock was "personally insulted" by John Cena's conduct at WrestleMania 29. The Examiner reports that Cena was acting arrogant backstage, and that his attitude may be part of the reason for The Rock leaving the WWE again.

Whatever the reason behind The Rock leaving the WWE again the fact remains that he was scheduled to be involved in a major storyline with Brock Lesnar, either as part of WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans or as part of the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. His story was up-in-the-air on Monday, but I'm willing to bet WWE creative finds something for their $5 Million superstar to do next week. My guess? More roaring:

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