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Taylor Swift: Should She Replace Faith Hill On Sunday Night Football?

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 04/15/13 10:58PM UTC
Faith Hill

Faith Hill is leaving Sunday Night Football. (Photo: Reuters)

Country music legend Faith Hill has announced that she has decided to part ways from NBC and Sunday Night Football. For six years Faith Hill sang the opening theme song for the NFL's Sunday Night Football.

When NBC first hired Faith Hill, she was a huge catch for the network. Not only is she a great country music singer, she is very attractive and yet very classy. The network will have a very tough task trying to figure out who they can hire to replace her.

Will the network stick with country music or will they entertain an entirely different genre? Perhaps they would be better served to choose a rocker or a rapper to do the opening theme song for Sunday Night Football.

If the network decides to stay with country music, one obvious choice for the role would be Taylor Swift. Swift would also bring a younger audience which could potentially increase their ratings. Then again, football's core audience likely would hate the idea of seeing Taylor Swift welcome them to every Sunday Night Football game.

Moving over to the rock scene would also make sense. There are a ton of washed up rockers who would likely love to do the gig. Choosing a rock artist would be a safe decision for NBC and football fans likely wouldn't be turned off by the choice.

The most risky move that NBC could make would be hiring a rapper. Some football fans would love to see it, but others would hate it. There are a lot of rappers out there who would likely be interested in the gig, but we doubt any of the top guys in the game would be interested. In other words, do not expect Eminem, Jay-Z or Lil Wayne doing weekly theme songs for Sunday Night Football anytime soon.

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