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Rodman FBI Informant: Will His Second Visit To North Korea Stop (Or Prolong) Nuclear Attack?

By Jason Van Hoven - Posted: 04/15/13 11:38PM UTC
Dennis Rodman

Has the fate of the U.S. rested more on Dennis Rodman's hands now that he will visit North Korea for a second time? (Photo: Reuters)

It seems as though Dennis Rodman will be an FBI informant, according to reports.

Yes, you read that right.

The FBI has tasked none other than Rodman, also known as "the worm", to help in America's quest to stop (or possibly just prolong) any form of a North Korea nuclear attack.

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After his much-publicized and criticized visit to the Communist country in February, where he was filming a documentary for HBO, Rodman told the Miami Herald that he's been approached by the FBI to work as an informant on North Korean activity.

"I have been contacted by the FBI and I met with them," said Rodman in Miami during Saturday's annual gala hosted by the Blacks, Lea and Roy, of "Real Housewives of Miami" fame. "They wanted to know what went on and who's really in charge in North Korea."

Remember that while in North Korea, Rodman called Kim Jong-un "a friend for life," although he has said in the past that he doesn't condone what he does. Now, Rodman has reportedly been invited back to North Korea in August for a second visit and plans to go to have some "fun" with North Korea's supreme leader.  

"I'm not a total idiot," Rodman said. "I know what Kim Jong-un is threatening to do regarding his military muscle. I hope it doesn't happen because America will take whatever actions to protect America and our allies."

The question is, then: how much of an FBI informant, or worm, will Rodman be during his second visit?

"I do think, you know, that we have to talk to people who want to cause us harm so hopefully they won't," he said. "I've been talking to folks for years who don't get what I'm about but that's cool, because once they walk away they like me. I might be able to keep folks' heads cool. We all going to find a way to get along and keep peace. Peace and love is where it is at..."

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