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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Will Be Out For Three Months Following Surgery

Posted: 05/09/13 08:15PM EDT
Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol could be wearing a different uniform next season. (Photo: Reuters)

The Los Angeles Lakers had a horrible season and if you believe the rumors, their offseason has not got off to a good start either. On Thursday morning, Pau Gasol underwent surgery on both of his knees. The surgery is called "FAST Technique."

If you are not familiar with the procedure, basically a doctor inserted a probe into both of Gasol's knees which directed ultrasound wavelengths to debride degenerated tissue of Gasol's patellar tendons non-surgically.

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In addition to the "FAST Technique" procedure, Pau Gasol will also receive autologous stem cell injections next week. If successful, the injections will stimulate the regeneration of his tissue.

The entire surgery will likely keep Pau Gasol out of action for a minimum of three months. But Gasol should make a full recovery and he should feel way better than he did at any point during the 2012-13 NBA season.

Even though Pau Gasol should be back and better than ever for the 2013-14 NBA season, nobody knows for sure where he will be playing. It is unlikely that the Los Angeles Lakers will want him back, which will likely leave him searching for a new team. Lucky for Gasol, there will likely be a ton of teams interested in his services.

If Kobe Bryant has his way, Pau Gasol will not be going anywhere. Kobe is one of Gasol's biggest fans and loves playing with him. Even though Lakers management and coaches may not like Gasol as a basketball player, we would expect Kobe Bryant to make a huge push for his return to Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, Kobe Bryant doesn't have as much pull in the organization as he used to. It may sound crazy, but Dwight Howard is probably more likely to get what he wants in Los Angeles these days than Kobe Bryant. The Lakers realize that Kobe's days are numbered as an elite basketball player and they seem to already be pushing him out the door.


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