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'Mike Tyson Mysteries': How Awful Will New Cartoon Be?

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 05/10/13 10:58PM UTC
Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson will star in new cartoon. (Photo: Reuters / Steve Marcus)

Twenty years ago, it would have sounded crazy to think that Mike Tyson would now be all over our television sets for doing seemingly sane things. Yet, the former "Baddest Man on the Planet" has been able to completely turnaround how the world views him. Since giving up the sport he has starred in the "Hangover," had his own successful one man show and now he will star in his very own cartoon.

On Friday, the television network Cartoon Network announced a brand new animated series called the "Mike Tyson Mysteries," which will star the famous boxer himself on their late night block called Adult Swim.

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Supposedly, the cartoon will feature Mike Tyson trying to solve some of the craziest problems you could ever imagine. If that doesn't sound wacky enough, he will be assisted by a trusted associate: a pet pigeon that has a tendency to use foul language.

Who knows, this show sounds so crazy maybe it will actually be funny. For whatever reason, Mike Tyson has a hardcore following and people love supporting everything he does. Maybe this cartoon will somehow end up competing with the likes of "South Park" and "Archer." Or maybe it will be off the air in just a couple of years.

Adult Swim has not announced a target date for when the new animated series will premiere. However, it is believed that it will be ready to go sometime this fall when new television series usually start up.

Regardless if you will be watching the cartoon or not, we can all agree that Mike Tyson is one lucky man. As a professional boxer he made millions of dollars, but he blew everything away on drugs, prostitutes and a ton of crazy hobbies like collecting pet tigers. Yet somehow he has been given second chance after second chance to redeem himself.

To his credit, Mike Tyson does finally seem to be on the right path. Hopefully he doesn't spend his money foolishly this time around.

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