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NASCAR Driver Theft: Mike Harmon, Jennifer Jo Cobb Feud To Go To Federal Court?

By Jason Van Hoven - Posted: 05/16/13 08:06PM UTC
Jeniffer Jo Cobb

Will the NASCAR driver theft feud between Cobb (pictured) and Harmon distract the drivers from their race this weekend? (Photo: Creative Commons / Tim Hipps)

The NASCAR driver theft feud between Mike Harmon and Jennifer Jo Cobb looks like it will proceed to federal court.

As Yahoo Sports reported, Harmon was released on $10,000 bond Thursday following his Wednesday arrest in North Carolina along with his sister Sheila Rae Rice thanks to warrants for felony larceny, and breaking and entering Cobb's hauler from Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing's shop on Performance Road in Western Rowan on Saturday.

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Harmon, who has consistently denied stealing Cobb's hauler, took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to claim his innocence in the NASCAR driver theft case.

"I want it known that I have never stolen so much as a piece of bubble gum in my life," Harmon tweeted. "I did not take JJC hauler, there is no video of me anywhere near her shop. Today she was the windshield & I was the bug, but when we get in FEDERAL court in a couple wks there's a boulder coming."

Harmon, who told WBTV that he wasn't even in North Carolina when the theft occurred because he was in Darlington, S.C. over the weekend watching a friend drive his car in the Darlington 500, said that he and Cobb have had problems in the past and are currently going to court over "business disagreements."

Cobb, meanwhile, has said that the contents of the hauler are valued at more than $250,000, and that Harmon shouldn't be allowed to race this weekend in Friday's North Carolina Education Lottery 200 for the Camping World Truck Series. She posted to Facebook on Thursday morning saying, however, that she never accused her fellow NASCAR driver Harmon of theft.

"Very important clarification: I have not accused or alleged any person in this crime. Arrests have been made based on evidence and eye witness accounts. Now... Lets go racing!"

The biggest piece of evidence, Cobb said, was a license plate that an eyewitness provided on the scene that led a detective to Harmon. Plus, there's a video posted on the WBTV.com YouTube account that shows Cobb's trailer slowly driving away from the camera, but no way to tell who is behind the wheel of the truck or how they entered.

Still, Harmon told WBTV that he also wants to know who was behind the wheel of the stolen trailer in the NASCAR driver theft.

On Thursday, Cobb's team and equipment arrived at practice at Charlotte Motor Speedway in a hauler borrowed from another team.

Cobb, driving for her own team, has driven in all four 2013 Truck Series races. Harmon, who was Cobb's team manager when she previously ran in the Nationwide Series, also has his own team, having made five Nationwide Series starts and two Truck Series starts this year.

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