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Andrew Bynum Rumors: Julius Erving Warns Teams About Center

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 06/06/13 08:54PM EDT
Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum was a bad investment by Sixers. (Photo: Reuters)

Former NBA great Julius Erving is obviously not a very big Andrew Bynum fan. On Thursday he warned all of the teams who are the center of rumors stating they have interest in signing the center. Dr. J says that the Philadelphia 76ers were robbed when they acquired Bynum. He stressed that NBA teams need to be very cautious when making deals with teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

"When you talk to the Lakers, when you talk to the Celtics, when you talk to -- well, those two in particular -- the guy on the other end of the phone has his fingers crossed," Erving told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "So whatever he's telling you, he's not telling you the truth. He's working a deal for him. And what happened to us last year with getting damaged goods hopefully will only happen once. And that's the extent of that learning curve."

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After his interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Erving joined ESPN's "SportsCenter" where he went into further detail regarding his comments and opinions on Bynum.

"I was talking about the Sixers and the management and the ownership and their commitment to excellence, to being a contender, to being a champion. And they set a timeline of five to seven years three seasons ago, so as they close in on that timeline, the comment was really about not making any mistakes. Not making decisions that don't turn out," he said.

"So that's how we got over to the Andrew Bynum decision, which on paper seemed like a good decision. But forewarned is foretold," he said. "If you're going to deal with the Celtics who are our natural rivals, or the Lakers, the two teams that have won the most championships in the NBA, they're always going to make deals where they get the better end of the deal. That's been their history, that's how they presently are and that's how they're going to be in the future.

"So for the Sixers, to get Andrew Bynum and think he was going to be an All-Star and an all-pro and think he was going to be a valuable part of the franchise, as was the thinking, it turned out to be a bad deal."

There is no doubt that the Sixers were robbed when they traded for Andrew Bynum. We would expect that nearly everyone who knows anything about the NBA would agree with that statement because the center sat the entire season on the bench. Bynum is also now a free agent because he only had one year left on his contract with the 76ers acquired him.

Hopefully Bynum will prove all of his critics wrong during the 2013-14 season. If he gets healthy and 100 percent dedicated to basketball, he has the talent to become an elite basketball player. Unfortunately, he has always suffered from injury issues.


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