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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Finding Kobe Bryant’s Potential Replacement

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 06/13/13 02:03PM UTC
Kobe Bryant

Lakers seek a Kobe Bryant replacement. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Now that it is the offseason and the Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of improving to do, tons of rumors are swirling around the internet regarding offseason moves. Unfortunately for the Lakers, there is not much they can do this season because there are no huge names available that are currently realistic options for the team. Sure the Lakers may be in the running for Dwight Howard, but they had him last season and it really didn't help them much.

The Lakers biggest problem that they need to address is the health of superstar Kobe Bryant. For several years Bryant has led the team to one dominant season after the other. He is undoubtedly a first ballot hall of famer and he will go down as one of the best to ever play the game. Unfortunately, he is over the hill and no longer capable of leading the team to a consistently dominant season. There are also rumors indicating that he will never be the same again after suffering a torn Achilles tendon.

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Whether they like it or not, that means the Los Angeles Lakers need to start trying to find a replacement for Bryant and that will not be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. Players like Bryant only come around once every 10 years or so.

Luckily for the Lakers, there is one player in the NBA who will become available soon. However, the team will have to be willing to wait until 2014 for their opportunity to grab this special talent. We're talking about the one and only LeBron James.

There are rumors that James is getting angry with the Miami Heat because he is starting to have to take a bigger and bigger role with the team each season due to the aging talent he is surrounded with. James left the Cleveland Cavaliers just so he wouldn't have to do everything himself yet that is exactly what he finds himself having to do nearly every game.

In 2014 James has the option to opt out of his contract with the Heat and that will give the Lakers a chance to go after him if they wish. Once upon a time James made it clear that he wanted to be the richest and most popular athlete on the universe. As we already know, there is not better sports team in the world that can market a player quite as good as the Los Angeles Lakers.


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