WWE Payback Results: Who Won John Cena - Ryback Three Stages Of Hell Match? Did Alberto Del Rio Beat Dolph Ziggler?

By iSports Times Staff Reporter, Posted: 06/16/13 10:59PM EDT

Just over a month after the WWE invaded St. Louis, Missouri for last month's WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, the WWE Universe made a stop in Chicago, Illinois for a night of championship matches now known as WWE Payback.

Almost inarguably, the big news of the night was the upcoming return of Rob Van Dam, but RVD  4:20 won't be returning until WWE Money in the Bank next month, while quite a bit of WWE gold was up for grabs in Chicago on Sunday night.

So, with all of the WWE titles on the line, who were the big winners and losers at WWE Payback 2013?

WWE Payback 2013 - The Miz vs Curtis Axel vs Wade Barrett (c) - WWE Intercontinental Championship

WWE Payback 2013 began with a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship and, while it wasn't a particularly long contest, the trio of The Miz, Curtis Axel and Wade Barrett certainly began the latest WWE pay-per-view with a bang. The three WWE Superstars kicked off the night with the sort of high-energy action that's become standard with recent WWE pay-per-view events, with Miz chasing his first WWE title in more than a year and Curtis Axel (son of the late Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig) competing presumably hoping to follow in his father's championship-winning footstep's on Father's Day.

In typical WWE Triple Threat fashion, none of the three competitors managed to hold momentum in the match for long, though Miz was undoubtedly catching the worst of the beatings. The resilient young Superstar persisted though, even when It looked as if Wade Barrett might eke out a victory with a massive Winds of Change that left Curtis Axel stunned, but Miz managed to disrupt both that pin attempt and another that followed a Perfect Plex from Axel to Barrett a short time later.

Of course, just when it looked as if all of Miz's hard work would pay off -- with Wade Barrett thrashing around in the center of the ring as he looked for a way to avoid tapping out to a Figure Four leg lock -- Curtis Axel rolled back into the ring and pinned Barrett's shoulders to the mat for a shocking three count. As the crowd (and Miz) looked on in disbelief, Curtis Axel celebrated with manager Paul Heyman, looking upwards to remember his father multiple times in the moments following his first capture of WWE gold.

Winner: Curtis Axel

WWE Payback 2013 - Kaitlyn(c) vs AJ Lee - WWE Divas Championship

Surprisingly, the WWE Divas Championship match at WWE Payback 2013 was good for more than a restroom break, with WWE executives letting Kaitlyn and AJ Lee take part in a one of the more physical Divas matches in recent memory.

Of course, this was still a WWE Divas match, so there was plenty of awkward grunting, crawling on all fours, and a pretty clear limit to just how far WWE brass would let things go. Still, when was the last time you saw gutbusters and WWE Divas being thrown over the Spanish announcers' table like rag doll?

Neither Diva managed to gain an upperhand for the long during the match's early goings, but Kaitlyn will likely be kicking herself over its ending for a long time to come. After leveling AJ Lee with a massive spear, the WWE Divas Champion took a few moments to taunt her fallen opponent, rather than securing a pinfall victory as most would in such a predicament. The wasted opportunity would prove quite costly, as Kaitlyn would ultimately find herself on the wrong end of Lee's Black Widow submission finisher just moments later, and this time she couldn't force her way out of the hold. For the second time of the night, WWE gold switched hands as AJ Lee claimed a submission victory over Kaitlyn to become the new WWE Divas champion.

Winner: AJ Lee

WWE Payback 2013 - Dean Ambrose(c) vs Kane - WWE United States Championship

One month after Kane and Daniel Bryan lost their WWE Tag Team titles to two members of The Shield, the man commonly known as the Big Red Machine faced off against the trio's third member, challenging Dean Ambrose for the WWE United States Championship. While many might have assumed a squash match was coming, and Kane would emerge with a quick victory to become the new United States champion, the two WWE Superstars actually put together a rather exciting match that would ultimately end in a bizarre and disappointing fashion.

Both men brought their A games to WWE Payback 2013, with Dean Ambrose getting in an surprising amount of offense against the much large Kane, and the Big Red Machine giving one of his more noteworthy performances as a singles competitor against a man he's been unable to beat for months. Unfortunately, the match's finish wasn't nearly as exciting as it's build-up, with a rather impressive back-and-forth contest mysteriously ending after Dean Ambrose dropped Kane with a relatively tame-looking DDT outside of the ring. After leaving the Big Red Machine dazed, Ambrose returned to the ring, where he stood and waited while Kane apparently found himself unable to recover from a move he's shrugged off countless times throughout  his WWE career. After several minutes of excitement, the match ended with an anti-climactic 10 count from the referee, and Dean Ambrose escaping back into crowd with the first successful title defense of the night.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE Payback 2013 - Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler(c) - World Heavyweight Championship

For a few moments, it looked as if this would be the second underwhelming title match of the evening, with World Heavyweight Champion overselling the hell out of his recent concussion, leaving color commentator John "Bradshaw" Layfield salivating over the health and condition of Ziggler like John Madden during a classic Brett Favre performance. Ziggler and Del Rio made it work though, and it seems WWE brass may have finally found a way to successfully shift  Dolph Ziggler from beloved heel to a true babyface thanks to a performance which saw the young WWE Superstar take quite the beating from Alberto Del Rio.

The WWE also used the opportunity to begin Alberto Del Rio's conversion from hero to villain, with the challenger unloading kick after kick into the skull of Ziggler each time the World Heavyweight champ managed to climb back to his feet, even after a WWE doctor attempted to intervene on Ziggler's behalf. Even Ziggler's associated Big E. Langston would be ejected from ringside for attempting to interfere on Dolph's behalf. Ziggler persisted though, and even looked like he might steal a win, but there was simply no escaping the reality of the situation at WWE Payback 2013. 

With one final kick, Alberto Del Rio sent Ziggler face-first into the mat, pinning the former World Heavyweight Champion with relative ease even as Ziggler lay only a few inches away from the ring ropes. For the third time of the night, a new champion was crowned, leaving Ziggler despondent when he finally regained consciousness a few moments later.  

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Payback 2013 - CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

With CM Punk having laid low since his loss to the Undertaker at WWE Wrestlemania 29 back in April, his hometown crowd of Chicago was undoubtedly excited to see the former Second City Saints member make his in-ring return against none other than "Y2J" Chris Jericho.

The match began with a technical showcase that the rabid Chicago crowd absolutely ate up, cheering each time CM Punk landed a blow against Jericho, and booing anytime Y2J gained the upper-hand over the Straight Edge Superstar. Things quickly turned sour for CM Punk though, as it became clear that his time away from the WWE ring had certainly led to a bit of ring rust. Punk was slow to respond after slams, sluggish during his own offensive streaks, and generally seemed to have lost a step since the last time that the WWE universe saw him compete.

In fact, it almost looked as if the hometown hero might lose his return match at one point, as Y2J caught Punk in the Walls of Jericho, sinking down into a deep crouch that looked as if it could snap the former WWE Champion completely in half. Punk managed to recover though, slapping his own Anaconda Vice onto Jericho, but the veteran WWE Superstar would ultimately be saved by the very ropes which Dolph Ziggler was concussed into forgetting about just a half hour earlier. The action continued for several more minutes, with Jericho unloading both the Lionsault and the Codebreaker in an attempt to finally claim victory over CM Punk at a WWE pay-per-view, but it just wasn't enough.

Though a single GTS wasn't enough to keep Jericho down at WWE Payback, a double dosage of the Go To Sleep finisher finally proved enough to earn CM Punk a victory in his first WWE match since early April.

Winner: CM Punk

WWE Payback 2013 - Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan vs The Shield(c) - WWE Tag Team Championship

Two days after suffering their first loss inside of a WWE ring, The Shield's Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins appeared at WWE Payback 2013 to face Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, with The Shield's recently won WWE Tag Team titles on the line.

Reigns and Rollins attempted to isolate Daniel Bryan early in the match, though Randy Orton would ultimately end up in-the-ring and in control within minutes. Soon things started looking up for the challengers, with Orton's offensive seemingly placing in position to hit an early RKO on Seth Rollins for a presumed victory, Of course, momentum changes quickly in the WWE, and a massive Superman punch from Roman Reigns floored Orton just as his momentum really began to build. The Shield would ultimately spend several minutes targeting Orton, and preventing him from ever getting a hot tag (or even a spare breath for that matter).

Finally, Orton made the tag, and it seemed as if the smallest man in the match might ultimately be the one to secure it's finish, but Daniel Bryan didn't quite have enough to dispatch both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on Sunday night. Bryan went after The Shield with everything he had, managing to keep both men at bay, and ultimately sending them crashing to the floor outside of the ring, but then everything began to unravel. A cross-body attempt from Bryan backfired, sending the bearded man directly into the arms of his teammate Randy Orton, and giving The Shield the opening they needed to take back control of the match.

Though they fought to the end, a spear from Roman Reigns left Daniel Bryan down for the three count, and kept The Shield undefeated at WWE Payback 2013.

Winner: The Shield

WWE Payback 2013 - John Cena (c) vs Ryback - Three Stages of Hell - WWE Championship

Match 1 - Lumberjack Match

The first of three contests between WWE Champion John Cena and Ryback began much the same way as their previous matches: with Ryback physically dominating one of the most successful competitors in the history of the WWE.

The larger Ryback forced his way out of many of the holds and slams which Cena attempted during the match's early moments, repeatedly tossing the WWE Champion outside the ring, where he would take pummeling after pummeling from the 30 WWE Superstars surrounding the ring. After several minutes of action, which peaked with high-flying cross-body from John Cena that left both champion and challenger at the mercy of the lumberjacks, Ryback claimed the first win with a Shellshock.

Match 2 - Tables Match

As soon as the ringside bell signaled the beginning of the second contest, Ryback leveled John Cena with a massive spear that left the WWE Champion caught between his massive opponent and one of the ring's four steel turnbuckles. The challenger quickly scurried outside the ring for a table, though almost found himself in a world of a pain, after Cena reversed a second Shellshock attempt and nearly drove Ryback through the very same table with an Attitude Adjustment.

The two WWE Superstars battled inside the ring and out, even bringing the ringside steps into play, but it seemed neither could both place a table and drive his opponent through the unforgiving plywood before their opponent would disturb the table once more. Ryback continued to punish Cena for several minutes, but nothing seemed to keep Cena docile long enough to claim victory.

Finally, the WWE Champion caught a break, slipping off the shoulders of Ryback just before eating yet another Shellshock, and following up the counter with an Attitude Adjustment that sent his much larger opponent crashing through a table.

Match 3 - Ambulance Match

Unfortunately, for John Cena, it seems the table which won him the second of the night's Three Stages of Hell did little to slow down Ryback. With the WWE title only an ambulance ride away, Ryback pounced on Cena, dragging him outside and driving him through the announce table with a massive jack knife powerbomb before the third contest could ever officially begin.

By the end of the match, even the ambulance looked worse for wear, with medical supplies littered across the entrance ramp, the driver's side door completely off its hinges, and a warped quarter-panel discarded after Ryback finished using it to batter Cena. Even the emergency vehicle's lightbar became a makeshift weapon, though none of the objects listed ever seemed to stop the one-man bulldozer known as Ryback.

It seemed John Cena had one final trick up his sleeve though, luring Ryback onto the top of the ambulance, where on final Attitude Adjustment sent the massive WWE Superstar crashing through the roof the ambulance, and presumably putting an end to Ryback's latest quest for the WWE Championship.

Winner: John Cena

What did you think of WWE Payback 2013? Were you hoping to see a different outcome in one of the WWE Championship matches? Happy with the various match outcomes at WWE Payback 2013?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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