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Mayweather vs. Canelo Fight: Forget The Money, Pride Is On The Line

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 07/11/13 07:41PM UTC

Mayweather vs. Canelo isn't about the money. (Photo: Reuters)

If you thought the upcoming Mayweather vs. Canelo super fight was just about money, think again. When it comes to fighting Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez claims he doesn't care at all about the money - he plans to fight for pride.

"Obviously you have to make a perfect fight to win. Floyd Mayweather is a fighter who is very difficult and complicated to face, but if we make a perfect fight we will win. I am 22-years-old and I'm not worried about money at the moment because I have a long future ahead of me. This fight is about pride, and winning, because I want to be one of the best boxers in history and this is the opportunity to reach that goal," Alvarez said.

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"We are preparing physically and mentally. It will be a very difficult fight, but that's what we want. This is the most difficult fight of my career, so I have to prepare very well to win. People can say whatever they like, everyone has that right. I'm going to prepare very well and on September 14 we will see the results."

It may sound sad, but Alvarez is already set for life at the very young age of 22. He could retire from boxing altogether right now and he wouldn't have to work another day in his life he's smart with his money. Approaching this fight with pride on his mind is definitely the right way to go about looking at things for Alvarez.

Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, likely only took this fight for the money. After all, he did nickname himself, Floyd "Money" Mayweather. Money May rarely does anything without asking himself how much money he will make in the process.

The Mayweather vs. Canelo fight is the biggest boxing match in years. It has a chance to put boxing back on the map. If it's a competitive and entertaining bout, this could end up being the boxing match that helped save a perceived dying sport.


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